Windows 8 all set be launched this month

As Microsoft gets ready for the launch of Windows 8, there are loads of interesting things that one can look forward to with its brand new approach to an operating system across devices. Despite being a very strong player in the desktop market, Microsoft has been, so far, found inadequate in the market for mobile devices.

Well, the company’s big push in that segment comes with Windows 8, wherein the operating system is as much about desktop as it is about mobile devices and addresses convergence. This feature has already been met by Apple’s Mountain Lion desktop operating system converging seamlessly with iOS 6 devices such as the iPad and the iPhone, enabling its users to rejoice over their everyday computing tasks. The biggest downside, however, is the price barrier which left Apple with not many users.

This scenario makes Microsoft a huge winner as Windows 8 happens to be a cost-effective means of experiencing up-to-date technology. Take a quick sneak-peek into reasons which justify this major upgrade.

  • Brand new interface: An entirely revamped user interface (UI) is one of the biggest changes in Windows 8 as it has been designed for use through a variety of interfaces such as keys, mouse and touch. While there is much speculation about a mixed response on the user front, with most of them agreeing to the fact that it is very sleek and in tune with the demands of the day, while some differing with Microsoft’s radical transformation of its interface. The one thing that seems to work well with mobile devices such as Smartphones is the Metro UI approach to the operating system. Only time will tell whether it would appeal to tablet and desktop users.
  • Cloud integration: Windows 8 will aid users to configure their cloud services starting from the set-up stage, so as to meet with the modern computing demands. For that matter, Microsoft’s own SkyDrive Cloud services can be further promoted, thanks to the OS, thereby helping users configure their cloud services and address their day to day computing and syncing requirements.
  • App Store approach: Windows 8 software will be made available through its App store just how iTunes works for iOS devices, Mac App store for Macs and Google Play works for Android devices. In an effort to publish Apps for Windows 8, Microsoft has been uncompromisingly campaigning for software developers throughout the world.
  • New Explorer: Windows 8 introduces an all new web browser Internet Explorer 9, which is already being tested and approved by several technology blogs. Internet Explorer 9 with improved privacy settings is speculated to be a potential game-changer for Google Chrome, which has so far been the most commonly used browser.

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