Why Blackberry Is Still in the Game

While it may seem as though iPhone and Android are battling it out for the top spot as the must-have phone OS, many businesses still prefer the reliability, security, and functionality of the Blackberry. What this means for mobile platform developers is that it is still important to develop applications for the BlackBerry platform and not focus exclusively on the other ‘Big 2’. Vensi is uniquely positioned to provide superior mobile applications for businesses that can be used across all three of the major platforms.

More than 14 million users, including the U.S. Government, rely on BlackBerry for everything from phone calls to calendar management to email. The BlackBerry offers users an integrated package that uses push technology using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to provide quick access to email and corporate networks without compromising security. BlackBerry’s security encryption is what made the platform the government’s first choice for a wireless solution. The data contained on a BlackBerry remains safe even if the phone is lost or stolen.

While many mobile platform developers have stopped creating applications for the BlackBerry, Vensi believes that BlackBerry will continue to be a viable and necessary platform to support. Blackberry apps have been around for a long time — long before iPhone and Android apps. A properly designed app for BlackBerry can be reused with other mobile phones running J2ME. For example, a J2ME app can be ported to BlackBerry by reusing some core logic. Similarly, a BlackBerry app can be ported to J2ME phones.

Even though the iPhone is a large draw for mobile application developers, followed closely (and perhaps soon to be overtaken) by Android, the BlackBerry is still critical. And because Blackberry follows the Sun Java standards, they’ve had no issue with Oracle, which could pose a problem for developers. Oracle just filed suit against Google regarding Android. With fewer mobile platform developers even providing development for the BlackBerry, Vensi’s decision to develop applications for all three platforms sets the company apart.

From our point of view, since Blackberry has the largest market share, developing mobile applications for the BlackBerry is a must, particularly for business-to-business and business applications that foster productivity. The learning industry (companies that focus on providing training) should focus on BlackBerry as well, since they are the phones most businesses have. If you want your app with the top-level executives for sales trainings, business compliance trainings, and other learning apps, Blackberry is the way to go.   

For those who think Blackberry is all business and no fun, we suggest taking a look at Blackberry’s social networking feature. Blackberry’s BBM (Blackberry Messenger) app rivals its counterparts in the social realm. BBM™ allows users to send and receive messages with no character limits and choose a display picture that is sent with the messages. The app turns the phone into a mini social network by allowing users to share photos and videos with several contacts at the same time.

As well, RIM recently acquired QNX, a popular operating system in automotive known for its reliability. We’re betting BBM™, QNX and its existing infrastructure, as well as the efforts Blackberry is making to reposition themselves to capture the less corporate crowd will keep them viable and competitive in the coming years. It’s our hunch that BlackBerry will rise to the top as the most reliable phones.

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