What’s That Cool New App You’re Working On?

Augmented reality is no longer a futuristic idea only found in science fiction movies. In fact, you may already be using augmented reality apps and not even realize it. It’s quickly reshaping the world around us. Working on a project with augmented reality is certainly challenging and exhilarating from a programming perspective, but it means so much more to the future of computing and how we experience the world around us. Augmented reality applications will merge the real world with a digital world in a way that is seamless to the user. The user’s experience of a place or event will be enhanced, deepened, and made much more fulfilling.

Confidentiality is imperative for our clients, and we certainly take the intellectual property of our clients as seriously as our own social security numbers. However, imagine how hard it is to watch a colleague put her nose into her computer and work on something obviously groundbreaking and thrilling – an app that will definitely rock the technological world. Yet we have to wait with the rest of the world without even a whisper of what it really is.

We like to imagine what each of these highly confidential projects may be. Will it be for the iPad or the Android? Could it be for a social networking organization or is it for an enterprise business? Perhaps it is a publishing application, game, or a new way to experience television. Indulging our mobile application fantasies is quite a lot of fun, and it gets the creative mojo flowing as we go around and around with the ideas, before we inevitably land on some sort of augmented reality – just because it is so cool.

Augmented reality is already transforming our perceptions and paradigms in a fundamental and invigorating way. Gamers are chomping at the bit for augmented reality to go mainstream and take entertainment to an entirely new level, but it’s the practical applications that will lead to innovation, cost savings, and improved efficiencies that really excite us.

Business travel may well become a thing of the past as executives find themselves in a real-time, face-to-face meeting that is even better than real life because of the enriched environment for presentations and multi-media interactions. The methods for performing medical procedures will be revolutionized, and shopping for the latest fashion trends will be an experience that feels like a sci-fi movie to the uninitiated.

The augmented reality bullet train is pulling out of the station.

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