Vensi To Develop Application for Legal Community

Vensi develops a wide variety of mobile applications for all of the major, growing platforms, including iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. Our developers work with clients from a number of different industries, including legal services, to build effective and creative mobile applications. Technology and the law are sometimes on opposite sides of the courtroom (just think about the recent lawsuits involving illegally downloaded songs and copyright infringement) but most members of the legal community see technology in much the same way as Vensi sees it: as a tool that can empower businesses of all kinds to be more efficient and effective in their efforts to reach customers, build brand identity, and be accessible.

Until now, there have not been very many applications developed specifically for the specialized needs attorneys have. As attorneys begin to seek the advantages of 21st Century solutions, Vensi is leading the way by helping the legal community develop a better understanding of how technology can work to enhance their services.

Vensi is currently developing a powerful mobile application will help attorneys be more accessible to their current and potential clients by making it possible for them to easily provide contact information, a detailed profile, and Google map directions on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms. The application also allows attorneys to upload video footage, assisting them in reaching their potential market more effectively.

Mobile technology assists lawyers by providing them with the tools they need to be successful in a highly competitive market. Vensi is pleased to be partnering with WebPerseverance and GetLegal to develop mobile application solutions that will allow attorneys to provide better and more efficient services to their clients and improve intra-office communications and information management. From time management and billing to law library access and rich media on the go, mobile technology empowers the legal community and enables attorneys to be more efficient and effective with all of their efforts.

Today, over 40% of all consumers use a smart phone.  In five years, that number is expected to reach 80%.  Legal services, like any other industry, can benefit from becoming more visible and accessible on the web by providing mobile solutions to their clients. Vensi is proud to be on the forefront of this transformation; building mobile applications to help the legal community put the power of technology to work in ways that will help them streamline their services, conveniently manage their billable hours, and effectively market their services.

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