Vensi Goes Global

Vensi is growing and growing fast. The market for mobile application development is experiencing tremendous growth, and as a premier mobile development firm, our share of that market continues to swell. We expect the domestic and international demand for the development of mobile applications to continue to increase exponentially, and as a result we have added an offshore mobile development team to the Vensi family. These talented and energetic folks will give us the workforce flexibility we need, help us to tap into international markets, and provide us with round-the-clock development expertise that will ensure we continue to deliver ground-breaking mobile apps in record time.

Offshore mobile development is mainstream throughout our industry. Smart companies are utilizing the cost-effective skill-sets of international partners to deliver solid mobile application products and services faster and cheaper than their less agile and capable competitors.  At Vensi though, we are taking this approach to the next level. We aren’t outsourcing a piece of our business; we are adding accomplished and energetic talent to our team that vastly improves our ability to develop new mobile apps and increases our exposure to other markets. This isn’t simply outsourcing, this is becoming a global enterprise.

Since we already work as a virtual team, the addition of new people half a world away is a simple transition for us. Each person at Vensi works whenever and wherever she or he wants. We hire people who are passionate about mobile application development and take pride in their creations, and in so doing we know they will deliver brilliant results on schedule. In living this philosophy, we already fully utilize available tools (WordSure, the Google suite (Apps, Talk, Voice), Trac and several internally developed tools) to maintain client confidentiality, manage our teams and projects, and keep everyone in sync. We also maximize productivity with our larger workforce and the various time zones in which our people operate to work around the clock on key projects. These processes are as smooth as the silk of an Indian sari, they say, and the addition of new mobile developers to such an effective process is quite straightforward.

From an interpersonal perspective, our collaborative and approachable management and work style here at Vensi makes relationships at every level very rewarding and truly effective. We do more than value diversity in work style, approach, and innovation; we expect it. Each and every person at Vensi is valuable, and each and every opinion on how to add to the excellence of an app is considered. This is a great place to work!

The mobile marketplace is evolving so fast, it feels like we are on a rocket ship every day at Vensi. We are adventurers seeking out new ways to work and to innovate, and we welcome our new team members as we embark on this amazing journey!

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