Vensi Chosen to Develop CareBinders™ Mobile App

Vensi is the kind of company that loves a challenge, so when Carol Kaufman, creator of CareBinders™ wanted Vensi to develop the mobile application for her new approach to estate planning, our developers were more than up for the challenge. Vensi is currently working on the CareBinders™ mobile application for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry as well as a Mac desktop version of the program.

CareBinders™ came about as the result of Kaufman’s personal experience with her parents. Her mother passed away and her father became mentally impaired; Carol was unable to locate the important financial documents she needed to help manage her father’s medical care and eventually handle their estate. CareBinders™ is Kaufman’s brainchild; her hope is to prevent others from having a similar experience while coping with the loss of a loved one. Her company has been featured by the New York Times in an article by Paul Sullivan on November 4, 2010.

CareBinders™ uses an encrypted database that allows family members to keep essential financial information gathered in one place. Touted as a solution for estate planning, it also offers solutions to people who need to simplify their lives and keep their information safe but accessible. Kaufman also counsels her clients, helping them better understand the importance of gathering important documents. The software is PC-based, not web-based, which limits security risks.

For Vensi, the challenge has been to preserve the security needed for estate documents while providing a seamless interface between the desktop software and the mobile application. Adding a mobile application capable of working on all three platforms provides estate planners and families with even more flexibility for securely storing and sharing important documents, updates, and estate planning information.

Because CareBinders™ was designed to provide a way for all of a person’s medical, financial, personal and insurance information to be securely stored in one place, Vensi’s ability to transform the concept into a mobile application suitable for all platforms creates a powerful tool for consumers. Imagine never having to dig for your insurance card or worry about remembering your children’s social security numbers again. Using the Carebinders™ mobile application, all of the information you need will be at your fingertips, whether you’re completing your taxes or filling out insurance forms at your new job.

If anything ever happens to you or someone you love, all of the information you need to seek medical treatment and manage their financial affairs will be easily accessible to you. Vensi is proud to be working with clients like Carol Kaufman, who inspire us all to make a difference in the world around us by creating practical applications using the most powerful technologies we have available.

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