Tools for Success in a Virtual Organization

We are all fortunate to live in an era in which technology liberates and empowers many workers.  At Vensi we have learned that a virtual work force can be the most flexible, productive and effective organizational structure. Our team members are happy to have the ability to live and work wherever and whenever they like.

Because they have the best tools available and the freedom to extend their capabilities, their creativity and efficiency soars.  We harness this creative force and apply it to all of the our projects.  The result is mobile technology solutions of the highest quality and value. We also find that the virtual work style attracts people to Vensi that are not only talented and self-motivated, but also balanced in their personal and professional endeavors. Interesting, brilliant, hard-working people with tools that enable them to effectively work in partnership toward a common goal… Definitely a powerful recipe for success!

With any organization (virtual, brick and mortar, or any combination therein), there are always communication challenges. However, we have found and leverage some key tools that keep our team in close contact and in sync. Specifically, we are a WordSure organization, and we utilize several intuitive and dependable applications such as:

  • Join Me, Google Meeting, and Log-me-in.  These are excellent tools for screen sharing in conference calls, as well as more directed project collaborations. Our team is distributed across the US and India, so this allows us to connect all the remote folks, both in one large group and in smaller sub-groups, to share information, brainstorm, and work on programs at a tactical level.
  • Google Calendar, Voice, and Email are basic tools used and trusted across our industry for their intuitive interface, reliability and security.
  • Google Talk is the new tool that has really taken hold in our organization. When we need a quick, ad hoc chat with a colleague, this instant messaging software is perfect. It is as if we are leaning over the virtual cubicle wall and getting exactly what we need in seconds.

These tools enhance our productivity and effectiveness without getting in the way or being cumbersome; they help us to get our work done on time and to our rigorous internal standards. When you combine such communication and collaboration tools with a company culture that values creativity and teamwork, the result is a truly innovative organization. We compliment our structure, process and tools with a “can do” attitude best described by our credo: “Whatever it takes!”

Vensi has brought the best talent together under one virtual umbrella.  We are grateful for the advances in technology that have enabled us to make the Vensi experience fun and successful.  Very importantly, the skills of each individual are fully utilized and highly valued.  By providing cutting edge tools and encouraging a culture of collaboration and innovation  we are setting the pace for our industry and  each person on our team works hard to develop groundbreaking, top-tier mobile applications.  We are indeed fortunate to be living in a time when people are more free than ever to explore their creativity and create fantastic products.

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