Things to Know About JavaScript Before Building Large Scale Web Apps


Most websites are currently based on JavaScript.  programming language that is a cross-platform and lightweight language. JavaScript helps developers build responsive websites and web applications easier. They also work with almost all web browsers and operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows seamlessly.

Developers can use any open source frameworks to reduce the time and effort while building a JavaScript application. Developers can also use JavaScript along with HTML5 and CSS while building web applications or games. So we always consider JavaScript as a dynamic client-side programming language while building a large scale web application.

Faster Execution and Processing:
JavaScript uses the XMLHttpRequest object for data retrieval and to exchange data with a server behind the scenes. Based on the response data from the server, you can easily update a part of a web page without reloading the whole page. So, you can boost the web application’s performance with updated information to the user faster.

JavaScript can be executed without any server connection, so that the code can also be processed faster. Sometimes the process requires the user to have a high-speed internet connection, but JavaScript can be processed on the user’s machine only  Therefore, there is no load on the web server while the user will get a quick response from the web application. The faster code execution and processing enables the web application to give a better browsing experience and keep the user engagement.

No Tools Required:
Developers can easily write code according to the client’s requirement without help of any specific tools. Users can even write code in notepad and they can use many editors that can colorize the code and reformat the script for code error identification.

Extend Web Functionalities:
With JavaScript, you can extend a website’s functionalities without any extra effort. You can use the simple scripting language to create visual effects on the user’s screen and make web application more interactive. JavaScript also improve  functionality by using third-party scripts making it easier to add more features to web application without using any additional plug-ins.

JavaScript works with other popular web technologies like HTML5 and CSS to create robust web applications that can be accessible on multiple devices, OS and even web browsers. So, if anyone is planning to build a large scale web application, JavaScript is the correct choice.

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