The Vensi Story boarding Process

<Once upon a time (in the 1930s), those innovative folks at Walt Disney Studios created the storyboard process. Other filmmakers quickly adopted storyboarding to help them visualize each scene and to bring consistency and emotional potency to the stories.

Since storyboards have the benefit of being a low-cost method of reviewing alternatives and weighing options, they are now commonplace as decision-making tools in businesses worldwide. Mobile application development is no exception, and in some ways we have taken the concept of storyboards – also called wireframes – to a new level of utility.

At Vensi, we use storyboarding to conceptualize a new mobile application prior to developing it. The storyboarding process allows us to bring your idea into crystal-clear focus for you, our client, and for us, as a mobile development firm. We draft wireframes for each screen so we can fully understand your requirements and bring the mobile application to life visually. From this process, we can clarify expectations, assess feasibility, streamline, identify areas that need additional work, and inspire creative new ideas. Collaborating during the storyboarding process often allows us to create something even better than the original concept.

We have found that by illustrating the mobile application in storyboards, we can all get on the same proverbial page (board!) and have meaningful conversations about your ideas and overall vision. We can discuss the relationships of the various elements of a mobile application, and using the wireframes, we can detail everything from layout to font to clickable objects and more. By incorporating the storyboarding process, we can fully discuss all the features of an application and ensure we share the same expectations in the finished product.

We treat the storyboards as living, evolving documents. As we go from concept to reality, we can iterate the storyboards to choose from various alternatives, troubleshoot, or to improve the application. Even after development, the boards may come back into use as documentation if we need to reverse engineer or change anything down the road.

In the most elemental way, storyboards tell the story of your application, functioning as an elemental preproduction phase of each collaborative project. Because we are so thorough in the storyboard stage of mobile application development, coding and developing is straightforward, effective, and timely. Storyboarding helps ensure that the screens in the application operate in a logical hierarchy, resulting in a predictable and desired result. Together with our clients, Vensi can tell wonderful stories! And they will live happily ever after…

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