The Success of iPhone 5: Fact or Fiction?

The Success of iPhone 5: Fact or Fiction?With iPhone5’s grand success marked by its high first day sales when compared to its older versions, rumors are rife that it is by far the perfect flawless phone that Apple has ever come up with. Be it the design, the features or whatever contributes to its ‘wow’ look, iPhone5 is the talk of the season and so will be for quite sometime before the next big thing arrives; not to mention the immaculate way in which it was primarily launched by the company.

Although there were some techies who were left disappointed at the fact that iphone5 is all about its evolution from previous versions but is least innovative and definitely not a revolutionary introduction. That said, one needs to be assured that apart from a few exceptions, the iPhone5 has been meticulously refined by Apple to the extent of leaving people coveting and pining to own it.

With a design which looks somewhat identical to that of its older versions, one of the noteworthy facts is that there are quite many significant changes made, the first being the aluminum case, owing to its lightweight-feel. The display screen which is pretty large measures 1,135-by-640-pixels, thus accommodating a fifth row of icons on the home screen; also note that the screen is relatively much brighter with vivid colors, including a retina display

If you’re wondering about its speed, iPhone5 is to die for as you practically don’t have to wait for anything, with the apps launching faster and wicked-fast internet connections coming through much before you know it, thanks to 4G LTE networks for AT&T and Verizon

Apart from the many interface improvements, here are more features which are making people pine for iPhone5 like never before: the flexibility to attach an image from within an e-mail, the manner in which all incoming messages and calls can be completely muted, phone call response with a text message, etc. One sure cannot miss the maps application provided by Apple, independent of Google maps. Combined with 3-D effects, it brings accurate turn-by-turn directions to iOS, along with slick and useful graphics. Although it justifies basic navigation, on the downside, the maps are not as detailed as that of Google’s.

All said and done, good, bad or worse, the major success-driving factors of the iPhone5 are – its design, superior components and compatibility. Known for having a keen eye for detail, both the hardware and the software has been produced by Apple, while its matchless ubiquity enables a world of accessories to fit it in.

On a closing note, nothing lasts forever in the unpredictable world of technology, except for the gadgets, ever improving apps and the web services which define our businesses. The sky is the limit for enterprises to portray their innovative skills to always capture the attention of the consumer to sustain the euphoria

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