The Need to Know

There is a great scene in the movie, Independence Day, where the President of the United States (played by Bill Pullman) says, “Sir, regardless of what you may have read in the tabloids, there has never been any spacecraft recovered by our government. Take my word for it. There’s no Area 51. There’s no recovered spaceship.” His Secretary of Defense Albert Nimzicki (played by James Rebhorn) clears his throat and says, “Uh, excuse me, Mr. President. That’s not entirely accurate.” In this particular movie, even the President of the United States wasn’t let in on the country’s secrets because he did not have a “need to know.”

Here at Vensi, we operate on a need to know basis all of the time. Mobile application development is highly competitive and our clients use the applications we develop to attain a competitive advantage. Because our clients use the mobile apps to improve their efficiency, lower costs, or offer new resources to their customers, confidentiality is crucial. At Vensi, unless someone is directly involved in the development project and has a need to know about the details of the application, the information remains under lock and key.

The level of confidentiality we employ is determined by the customer; some clients are not even listed as clients. The disadvantage of maintaining such a high level of confidentiality is that it prevents cross sharing that might benefit our clients and out developers, but in the highly competitive industry of mobile application development, operating from a need to know basis is a must. Some clients, for legal or security reasons, require projects to be handled within the United States only. We offer a US-only development choice to meet those requirements. Most of our clients, however, simply have a very exciting, very marketable idea and they want to be the first to share it with the world. Vensi ensures that their intellectual property is protected at all times so that the idea does not leak out.

Maintaining confidentiality and protecting our customers’ interests is a critical priority for Vensi, and we take a wide variety of precautions to ensure that the application development work that we do for our clients is fully protected. We employ the latest technological security to our files, have strict personnel procedures to only allow access to information to the developers working on the projects, and never disclose information to our vendors or to the public that our clients wish to keeep confidential. We have clients for whom confidentiality is a matter of national security and others for whom it is critical to their market position. Vensi treats each client’s confidentiality concerns with the utmost care, ensuring that no one inside or outside of our company has information about a  project that they don’t need to have.

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