The Multimedia Future of Your Phone

There is much to be excited about in the world of mobile application development. At Vensi, we revel in being a premier mobile development firm that capitalizes on the latest advances in mobile technology and sets trends in mobile application development. One of the most thrilling things to watch right now is the trend towards multimedia.

Mobile devices already merge imaging technology (still and video cameras) with Internet browsing, texting, e-readers, and gaming with, of course, mobile phones. Mobile applications currently exist to add things like GPS and some video streaming. Soon though, you will be able to watch full-length television programs and feature-length films on your phone. Perhaps you will even see a hand leaping out of your phone’s screen in a trendy new 3D film. Conceivably, films will be made for exclusive distribution on your iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, or Android.

While you are clearing out obsolete technological devices from your home, office, and car that can be replaced by your sleek, new multimedia mobile phone, you may begin to wonder what else you might be able to live without thanks to the multimedia potential of your phone. How about your radio? Yep, we are beginning to see an exciting trend toward streaming both live and recorded radio broadcasts to mobile devices. These music portals could even be interactive with browsable on-demand sections, clickable options to get additional information, and live links to ask questions during talk radio broadcasts. It is just a matter of time until Katy Perry does a concert just for the mobile audience.

For businesses, the potential for multimedia mobile applications is mind-boggling. Companies will save millions of dollars with more mobile teleconferencing applications and less travel for management and employees. People will be more productive and organized with interconnected and intuitive applications. As a premier mobile development firm, Vensi can easily and inexpensively customize mobile applications to the specific needs of a company or work team. Mobile projectors are on the horizon, which will make live presentations simpler and available at any location.

We will all feel liberated with fewer devices to lug around, charge, and clutter our space. We will certainly be more effective with our work and connected to the people, events, and activities that interest us most. The evolution of multimedia advancements for mobile devices is going to be a wild, exhilarating ride, and Vensi invites you to join us in the driver’s seat!

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