The Future of Technology for Programming

the future of programming

There is a rapid development in technology and a massive change in our life. It is accelerating a bit more every time we blink, a new technology has arrived. We can’t predict exactly what the next five years of development will be, and anticipating changes in technologies is nearly impossible. Here is a list of prediction the future of programming based on present technology evolution in the world. There is no guarantee that all are to come true, but these predictions offer a set of roadmaps that will help us to plan for the future of programming.

Smartphones will do more than we expect:

We use smartphones to call, send text, read email, visit websites and more, this is only the beginning. The small screens of smartphones have been revolutionizing our lifestyle for more than a decade and upcoming changes are very interesting. Smartphone manufacturers are gradually adding more and more sensors to find better solutions for day to day activities and also use in work environments.

There are hundreds of startup companies looking for an innovative way to turn the smartphone into a medical device, measurement device and/or remote monitoring device and more. The different smartphone sensors perform many tasks like a microphone sensor that can read your heartbeat, a camera can scan your important documents, accelerometers can track your morning exercise. All of these activities can be linked to your doctor who can monitor your health problems.

The next generation of smartphones will make these set of tasks look basic. The navigation apps will route reservation and send commands to your car to reach your destination. The fitness and exercise apps will become tools that track all of your body rhythms from sleep to work.

No one need to write JavaScript:

JavaScript will dominate among all programming languages. Something programmers write the code that the browser understands and that code on GitHub server can’t run without compile.

Due to changes and improved number of programming languages, some of the punctuation that bothers programmers. There are plenty of variations on CoffeeScript which is a little language that compiles into JavaScript and another superset of CoffeeScript like Coco or IcedCoffeScript. These variations are just the beginning because clever programmers have written transcoders for these languages as diverse as Java, Lisp, and C. All of them can run in your browser after being translated and optimized. So, in future writing code in JavaScript may not require, that your robot software will translate your favorite language.

Big and Better Database:

The search engines indexed the Web, but now there are databases indexing the world itself. The level of intelligence from databases will be incredible. For example, autonomous cars, they know when a cow stops traffic or a civil engineer adds another road while going to a destination, they will find out these data before everyone else.

The future generation of apps for smart cities will be able to resurface roads when they are needed. Streetlights will be replaced when and where they are required. The police will have more data than ever before about the people walking on the road. We will have databases recording each location of a pothole in the country for security.

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