The Benefits of a Gateway

How Gateways/Hubs Help Your Business

Many of our devices connect with each other by protocols like WiFi and Bluetooth. However, there are other ways for devices to connect with each other. One such way is a gateway. So what exactly is gateway? Simply put, it is a way for computers or devices to communicate with each other. Take the example of the iGateway by Vensi, inc. The gateway connects Bluetooth Smart devices to the internet or cloud over WiFi. Depending on the use, it can be used in almost every industry including home automation, building automation, HVAC, lighting, retail, manufacturing, and much more. A gateway is a connection point on a network or node which allows you to monitor and control your devices from anywhere in the world.

The Internet of Things is very popular nowadays. Just take a look at the latest CES which took place a couple weeks ago. At CES, there were countless IoT solutions from home automation to IoT in cars. One reason that caused the emerge of IoT is the increasing use of gateways.

Gateways can sometimes be confused with a router. Afterall, they both transfer information and filter information if the information is intended for a different destination. However, with a gateway, information must be translated so various protocols can be used. WIth a gateway, you can use almost any communication protocol to transfer data. This is not the case with a  router. A router simply forwards information from one address to another. Overall, a router is a much more simpler device when compared to a gateway.

Some benefits of gateways include providing connectivity that may have otherwise been impossible, connects systems, and improves building automation overall. For example, before gateways, it would have been impossible for devices using different protocols to communicate with each other. This is no longer an issue. This lets you connect systems to make one powerful system rather than many semi powerful systems. When all of this is taken into consideration, building automation and many other industries can significantly benefit from gateways.

With the correct solution provider, your gateway will relay all of your information to an online dashboard. With this, you will be able to monitor and control all of your devices in one place from anywhere in the world. We have written about the importance of dashboards in a blog for our main company, Vensi, inc. Take a look at it here. What we mention in that blog post is besides being able to control your devices from anywhere, a dashboard can help you improve your business due to the analytical features it provides. You will be able to create reports to help improve your business. All of this is possible with the help of a gateway.

A gateway sounds very simple, but is revolutionizing the world. It is able to connect devices that we could not connect before. When multiple devices are linked together and combined with a dashboard the business using it will become much more powerful and efficient.