The Advancement in Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Smartphones and tablets usage has caused many companies to adopt mobile app development as a part of their business. Time and money are the main factors in deciding on which app to adopt. Developing a native app requires a team to design and develop an app for each platform such as iOS or Android. This consumes more time and money to deliver the final product. However, cross-platform development could deliver a final product with just one team designing and coding the app as it can run on any platform.

Historically cross-platform mobile app development has not resulted in optimum results as app developers are faced with compatibility issues, security issues, and bugs that make cross-platform mobile app development harder than building multiple native apps for different platforms. However, recent advancements have improved cross-platform mobile app development.

Here is the list of the best cross-platform mobile development tools available:

PhoneGap: Created by Adobe and is one of the most popular tools in app development. PhoneGap is an open source framework that helps you build mobile apps using web technologies. This tool is free leading to its popularity. PhoneGap removes the complexity of developing apps and writing code in multiple languages and helps you build great cross-platform apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Sencha: It is one of the leading cross-platform mobile web apps and its frameworks based on HTML5 and JavaScript. The Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform enables you to build mobile apps seamlessly.

Design web applications improve the process with tools for faster and easier mock-ups, prototypes and interface design evaluation. Users can accelerate the development process with a ready to use a framework and improves efficiency by supporting multiple platforms and devices. You can improve web app quality with unit testing and end-to-end functional testing that is designed especially for Ext JS applications.

Appcelerator: Using JavaScript and Titanium SDK creates native apps in different operating systems by using the same code. Up to 90% of the code can be reused for all the apps you build, which saves you money and a significant amount of time. Mobile test automation decreases the testing time and project cost. The Appcelerator platform helps developers and enterprises build great mobile app experiences quickly and at scale. As this is an open-source and cross-platform mobile development tool, thousands of Appcelerator developers are consistently contributing to improving it and adding more functionality.

Xamarin: Xamarin is a mobile app development tool that includes app store delivery, app performance testing, and monitoring services. Xamarin uses Ruby or C# for the code base and creates a robust cross-platform mobile app development platform, which has been adopted by Microsoft.

Xamarin apps built with standard, native user interface controls on every platform to improve user experiences and simplify app design. These apps can have access to the full spectrum of functionalities including platform-specific capabilities like beacons. It also leverages other device hardware features to compile native performance. This can’t be achieved with solutions that interpret code at runtime. Xamarin uses the same code languages, API’s and data structures across all mobile development platforms.

Keep in mind that cross-platform mobile app development is not as simple as writing the code once; those cross-platform solutions are not necessary for all types of businesses. Ultimately, a cross-platform mobile development tool can save time and money when you are developing apps on multiple platforms. We at Vensi provide the best of these cross-platform mobile app development solutions depending on your enterprise needs and goals.

The Importance of Dashboards and Mobile Apps for IoT

How Dashboards and Mobile Apps Improve Businesses









The term dashboards is becoming more and more popular in our daily lives, but what does it mean? It seems like it has many different meanings. A dashboard is a tool to display the status and key metrics for a device or an enterprise in general. A dashboard is an online tool for the most part which helps users monitor the KPIs for their business.

Depending on the dashboard, you can even control your devices from it thanks to the power of IoT! This would have sounded almost impossible ten years ago, but in this day and age, it is becoming very common in both homes and commercial settings. Controlling your devices using an online dashboard is especially useful for commercial businesses. Imagine if your system fails and you are on vacation. I am sure most people would not want to cut their vacation short to tend to this problem. With the proper solution, the problem can be fixed using the dashboard. Many times system failures can be solved with a simple restart. This can easily be done with the correct dashboard solution. Blue app, a solution of Vensi, is one such solution that can do all of the tasks mentioned above and much more.

Some other tasks that can be done when using a dashboard is to keep track of old info to make better decisions. Take for example a building and its lights. In many buildings, the lights are left on for far too long. When your company decides to adopt a dashboard solution to track the buildings lights, you can see which lights are left on for too long. How can you tell the lights are “left on for too long”? If no one is in the room and the lights are still on this means the lights are on for too long. This leads to a waste of electricity and money. No company is a fan of wasting either. With dashboard and sensor technology integrated into your system, you will be able to analyze your light usage and make more informed decisions on your buildings lighting. This does not only work for lighting, it can work for almost anything you want to monitor and control due to the power of IoT.

This is not the end however, things get even more impressive. What if you could do all of this, but on your phone. How convenient would it be? We think it would be very convenient, so we went ahead and decided to start creating mobile apps for companies that integrate the dashboard. Many times people do not want to go to their computer to either do work or do a simple task. A person’s laptop is not always with them, but their phone almost always is. So it seemed almost wrong to not allow a dashboard to be used on a mobile app. Almost everything that can be done on the online dashboard can be done on a mobile app. That is if you choose BlueApp as your solution provider. The same definitely cannot be said for other companies.

Dashboards and mobile apps are becoming almost necessary for a company to succeed especially if it tracks any kind of data. If you choose BlueApp, not only will you get the most powerful solution, but it is fully customizable. We are able to add anything you deem necessary for your company to succeed.

Mobile Applications Make the World go Around

Mobile applications give your customers access to your dashboard in the way they want and need. Mobile applications are the heart of engagement in most businesses, for all customers, employees, and partners. Unfortunately, some businesses are still unable to offer a high level of engagement because they do not not fully understand their user’s expectations. An updated and customized mobile application is very simple to use and helps in the growth of enterprise applications to engage customers.

Mobile Application develoment

 Companies are increasingly engaging with mobile applications and adopting cloud connectivity to empower their businesses. The cloud has added advantages to mobile applications that fulfill the data connectivity bridge between users, clients and owners. A mobile application facilitates customers to find what they need exactly in a short period of time. That could be product information, buying a product, asking for help, using a trial service and many other features your business provides. If any customer already has installed your application, it allows customers to buy from you again and again, request a new service, look at and update additional services. In addition, customers as well as business owners will love it. Mobile applications are the next big revolution for marketers to provide the best services and retain customers.

Keep the App Simple: A mobile application provides customers with information and services that they want at whatever point, while keeping the dashboard and interface simple, easy, very responsive and quick. Reaching a targeted group is a must to improve a company’s market share. More than half of internet traffic comes from smartphones. That means you can reach more people by adding smartphone based applications to your business strategy.
Understand consumer behavior to retain them: Mobile application enable mobile developers to integrate applications into server systems seamlessly. New framework capabilities help customers to sync new data. This enables offline data communication and helps enterprise to understand customer behavior from customer app usage experience. Updating mobile application with live data is equal to owning the best customer relationship.
Key aspects every enterprise need to focus on:
Enterprises should invest in mobile application development that satisfies customers, engage new customers and generate more revenue.
A mobile application need to respond immediately with actions, that are relevant to what customer exactly need.
Measure the user metrics sequentially to keep mobile applications on track, that leads to be a great mobile application.
Should provide quick, simple and easy access in less clicks to get all features in less time.
Every mobile application has its own importance in business. We at Vensi understand your business needs and provide the best services to design the right mobile application as per your customer and team’s requirement. Vensi. Inc, is the best web and mobile app development company, that transforms businesses into robust, integrated solutions. We provides a full range of mobile applications for any type of business.