Choosing the Right Mobile Development Firm

3G technology has truly revolutionized the world. Vensi believes that we, as a culture, will look back on this period of time and see that it was as important as the industrial revolution in terms of the impact it has on society.

One of the great things about technology is that it changes rapidly and makes our lives more convenient and more productive. One of the downsides of that process, however, is being able to keep up with the changes.

As a consumer, it may not be important to understand every change that occurs behind the scenes, but as a mobile development firm, staying on top of the changes is what makes the developers at Vensi some of the most sought-after talents in the world.

We know Vensi isn’t the right match for every company looking for a mobile development firm, but we have created a checklist to help you determine how to find the right mobile development firm for you.

□       Does the mobile development firm you are considering already have several successfully published applications for each major platform?

□       Do the company’s developers represent a well-rounded talent, with experience on multiple platforms including Android, Blackberry, Palm, and J2ME?

□       Does the portfolio of the mobile development firm indicate that it has not only the technical capability but a level of creativity that will enhance any application developed for you?

□       Does the mobile development firm listen to your needs, respond to your ideas, and share their unique perspective based on their experience?

□       Is the mobile development firm willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement that provides you with some security concerning the development of your application?

□       Does the mobile development firm consistently meet deadlines? (It is perfectly ok to ask to speak to references in order to determine whether or not the firm will meet your needs).

□       Does the mobile development firm work hard to make sure their developers understand what you want out of your application, including creating storyboards and other visual presentations?

□       Does the mobile development firm stay within the budget and time frame you require?

□       Does the mobile development firm work with you, include you in the process, and truly partner with you to ensure the success of your application?

□       Is the mobile development firm approachable and willing to work with you to make your vision a reality even if you do not have a strong technological background?

As you shop for the right mobile development firm, we invite you to use this checklist as a way to ensure that you are finding the right company to meet your needs.