The Successful Mobile App Platform that Engage Your Users

the future of mobile app platform

We spend a lot of time on apps in our day-to-day life. We organize meetings and catch-up with colleagues at work, order food online, book rides on Uber and much more. We have not even tried the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other apps that people spend most of their time to utilize our daily tasks. The new apps are having huge competition with  popular apps to attract the new customers. And the positive thing is that smartphone users have gone up to 2 billion in recent years. So, consumers are becoming more set in their ways about which apps they will use, and more apps are falling by the same way.

The future of apps is not in the App Store at all and multi-functional apps that live inside a common portal. Most smartphone users spend most of their time using only the top 10 apps, but most people are not using the same 10 apps. If you want to get more consumers to notice your app this year, you can not expect that they will ever discover it on their own, because they are happy with the apps they already have on their smartphone. When you display ads then only you can grab enough users and your app can be the top in charts list or you can go where the users already are in other apps.

For example, WeChat is a popular chatting app platform, that developers can create their own native sub-apps through the WeChat API, which can generate more revenue. As this is the best entry to users, where many users can not invest in the desktop web. Facebook Messenger also allows users to book a ride from Uber through their chat feature. In recent year Facebook has been trying to change the way users discover apps outside of the App Store, and developers likely experiment creating an entire ecosystem of sub-apps.

However, the new app platform may not be the Facebook, or WeChat, or other platforms that even not existed now and that new app platform may crack the idea of an app portal to attract more American audiences, but don’t be surprised if your new app efforts live entirely inside another app in few years. is an end-to-end IoT Platform that makes your app and your product have remote monitoring and remote controlling capabilities. It also provides competitive advantages in the IoT market with easy application development and helps to reduce time to market your app. If you or your organization is looking to add more new IoT capabilities for remote monitoring to your existing products or new products, is the best IoT platform that makes your app more productive and much easier to access your IoT device data even during travel time to and from anywhere.

Customized Business Application Work The Way You Work

Customized Business Application

Advancement in technology, wireless connectivity, cloud computing, mobility, integration, cloud storage has had a significant impact on the kind of process being followed by businesses. This has put a lot of pressure on IT and driving the IT industry to innovate to find new ways to address demanding business needs while minimizing risks. Customized business application development is taking care of this challenge that has been evolving through introducing new approaches and innovations to empower IT industry.

Most organizations are becoming aware of the fact that packaged software is not a complete solution for every business, each business has different types of requirements, multiple needs, and unique business objectives. A customized business application has the capability to fulfill your business needs, that can function how you want exactly and also simplifies your business processes.

Customized business application can offer a full range of these below advantages that can surely help in the growth of your business:

A Great Fit For Your Business Needs: Getting a licensed software from a vendor is not suitable for most businesses, It may lead to sacrifice many business needs. With the customized business application, you will be guaranteed that the solution makes a great fit for your business goals.

Allows To Grow Business Unlimited: Customized business application are much more scalable, it allows to enhance the application program as your business grows.

Minimal Cost To Develop: Huge availability of different application tools in the market makes a minimal cost of developing a customized business application, those tools also help to build new robust application frameworks to SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). Sometimes the cost of developing a customized business application is higher than purchasing a ready-made product, but investing in developing will provide long-term benefits, a ready-made product may require additional cost when you need an update or migrate.

Access Data From Anywhere With High Security: Customized business application creates high flexibility to access all your important data in your systems. As we can allow select members to access data remotely without compromising data security. And also, we can create custom data views for different clients and stakeholders.

Save Time To Use: Customized business application are built to meet your exact requirements, it automates your business routine tasks, which also takes much less time to configure so you will save time and money.

Building a customized business application on cloud will provide more advantages:

  •     You can access business data from anywhere in the world
  •     It can bring efficiencies by automating manual tasks.
  •     Collaborate with multiple business users in real-time.
  •     Enable the functional integration with other cloud services.

We at Vensi use most comprehensive technologies to develop a unique and customized business application that enables rich features and high-quality services with greater simplicity and ease. Curious how customized business application could help your organization reach its goals, let us contact and communicate you on how our clients have benefited with our solutions.