The Importance of Dashboards and Mobile Apps for IoT

How Dashboards and Mobile Apps Improve Businesses









The term dashboards is becoming more and more popular in our daily lives, but what does it mean? It seems like it has many different meanings. A dashboard is a tool to display the status and key metrics for a device or an enterprise in general. A dashboard is an online tool for the most part which helps users monitor the KPIs for their business.

Depending on the dashboard, you can even control your devices from it thanks to the power of IoT! This would have sounded almost impossible ten years ago, but in this day and age, it is becoming very common in both homes and commercial settings. Controlling your devices using an online dashboard is especially useful for commercial businesses. Imagine if your system fails and you are on vacation. I am sure most people would not want to cut their vacation short to tend to this problem. With the proper solution, the problem can be fixed using the dashboard. Many times system failures can be solved with a simple restart. This can easily be done with the correct dashboard solution. Blue app, a solution of Vensi, is one such solution that can do all of the tasks mentioned above and much more.

Some other tasks that can be done when using a dashboard is to keep track of old info to make better decisions. Take for example a building and its lights. In many buildings, the lights are left on for far too long. When your company decides to adopt a dashboard solution to track the buildings lights, you can see which lights are left on for too long. How can you tell the lights are “left on for too long”? If no one is in the room and the lights are still on this means the lights are on for too long. This leads to a waste of electricity and money. No company is a fan of wasting either. With dashboard and sensor technology integrated into your system, you will be able to analyze your light usage and make more informed decisions on your buildings lighting. This does not only work for lighting, it can work for almost anything you want to monitor and control due to the power of IoT.

This is not the end however, things get even more impressive. What if you could do all of this, but on your phone. How convenient would it be? We think it would be very convenient, so we went ahead and decided to start creating mobile apps for companies that integrate the dashboard. Many times people do not want to go to their computer to either do work or do a simple task. A person’s laptop is not always with them, but their phone almost always is. So it seemed almost wrong to not allow a dashboard to be used on a mobile app. Almost everything that can be done on the online dashboard can be done on a mobile app. That is if you choose BlueApp as your solution provider. The same definitely cannot be said for other companies.

Dashboards and mobile apps are becoming almost necessary for a company to succeed especially if it tracks any kind of data. If you choose BlueApp, not only will you get the most powerful solution, but it is fully customizable. We are able to add anything you deem necessary for your company to succeed.