Vensi’s Internet of Things Solution:

The interworking of physical devices is essentially what is The internet of Things, these connected devices or “smart devices” with network connectivity enables objects to collect and exchange data. IoT is about making data come together in new ways to help modernize businesses. Smart devices allow objects to be sensed and or controlled remotely across different networks, having this ability results in improved efficiency, accuracy, economic benefits.

The Internet of Things is expected to advance connected devices, systems, and services which will bring automation to almost every industry. Currently in it’s infancy and we are seeing IoT being integrated into industrial, commercial, residential and personal use cases to aggregate, store display, and process data on smartphones, dashboards, and other display devices.

Vensi has been focused on creating a unique end-to-end solution for IoT, this is one of a complete solution on the market for your IoT needs, incorporating hardware and software.

Vensi’s Internet of Things Solution

Some of the hardware & software that is used in Vensi’s solutions are the gateways to push data to the cloud from different devices, equipment, and systems. Also the software solutions including mobile applications on iOS, Android, and Windows. is one app that connects to any Bluetooth Smart device. It applies a unique approach when it comes to connecting your system into a central dashboard and making things work for you seamlessly. A key aspect of our implementation of Internet of Things is that it is incredibly simple to install as we have done our best to eliminate any infrastructure complications that could make it hard for you to achieve your objectives.

Blenie The Blenie A10/A20 is a small chip that is integrated into your existing device to make your ordinary device a smart device. It is an inexpensive way to give your device internet connectivity. It is best used for small and low-powered sensors and accessories. It has all of the features required for a Bluetooth application integrated into it so you do not have to buy other hardware. In addition, it uses Bluetooth radio, software stack, and other GATT-based profiles. The Blenie A10/A20 Bluetooth modules can also host end user applications. This means no external micro controller are required. The modules have flexible hardware interfaces so they can connect to different peripherals and sensors. Gateway – Our Gateway makes it possible to connect any Bluetooth device to the internet or cloud using WiFi. This is a very easy to use devices with integrated hardware and software. Due to this, it reduces engineering efforts and reduces time to market. It also helps developers and users release their products using cloud connectivity features faster. In addition, it allows Bluetooth nodes to be used in homes and building automation, industrial manufacturing, HVAC, lighting, retail and many more industries.

BluTerm Adapters – The Bluterm is a small device that connects to your devices or systems to the internet and allows them to be controlled remotely using Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It is our quickest way to give your device internet connectivity. This is due to Bluterm’s plug and play capability meaning no additional installation is required. Bluterm supports many modules and some of the most popular we support are UART, RS 232, RS 485, RJ 45, Modbus, BACNet, Profibus, SPi and 4 to 20 mA. With the Bluterm adapters, you can monitor and control your device or system within Bluetooth range.

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Bluetooth Mesh Networking for the Internet of Things

Mesh Networks are becoming more popular with wireless technology and it has major role in the IoT (Internet of Things), because of it’s low cost; it offers direct wireless access where wire connection is not possible. It allows devices to communicate with each other devices directly. Just imagine if you use mesh networking technology while building smart homes and keeping all your appliance’s in the Mesh Network, then your smartphone or tablet can communicate with each appliance directly.  If your router fails, chances are your entire home network would not work. Mesh networking makes everything continue to work to deliver a seamless smart home experience. This makes better network, reliability, range and full comfort to users.

Bluetooth Mesh Networking for the Internet of Things

Bluetooth (SIG) is working on the Mesh Networking protocol and also officially announced the formation of the Bluetooth Smart Mesh Networking Group recently. Bluetooth Smart Mesh Networking Group expects to have the specification ready for prototype testing in the year 2016.  Bluetooth (SIG) believes that it will become the network of choice for every consumer for their smart home & Internet of Things products and solution.   Bluetooth (SIG) has the capabilities and suits  intended for most products that use Bluetooth Smart, the low-power version of the standard can run for years on a tiny coin cell battery, such as sensors, light bulbs and tiny devices, that would gain the most from mesh networking.  It’s likely that most devices with Bluetooth Smart that are already in use will need a  minor software upgrade for Mesh Networks.

Vensi can help to create a Mesh network to communicate with different devices in your environment, if you have any questions on how we can assist you with getting started with your Internet of Things solution, contact us for more details.