Why Building Mobile Apps with API’s is a Great Approach

Mobile applications are a huge part of everyday life for most of us, whether you’re a business person needing to respond to a client’s email, a student having to check homework assignment online, or a mom who is using her mobile phone to shop for groceries. Using a mobile device is the first choice to perform these and many other functions on what used to be relegated to strictly laptops and desktops. Mobile apps and smartphones are used in many ways and are the preferred choice of people who own them to conduct different tasks while on the go.

For these mobile applications to function flawlessly, there are a lot of things that need to come together to make things work so that users see a seamless and fluid transition from screen to screen. One of the most important aspects of mobile app development is API’s. Most of us don’t know what they are, but if developers didn’t implement these well, mobile apps would not be as user-friendly.

Why Building Mobile Apps with API’s is a Great Approach

What is an API and why is it so important in mobile application development, Wikipedia defines API’s below.

Application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact. Additionally, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks. A programmer then puts the blocks together.

Mobile apps built with API’s allow for multi-platform development, not only for iOS and Android but also for web apps, this development strategy is enabling companies to add more mobile apps within their budgets.

Benefits of API Services:

  • Eliminates redundant stack setup for each app.
  • Eliminates boilerplate code.
  • All within one model.

These benefits help developers to build apps faster, but also helps them link their software and applications to cloud-based storage, developers also like this API strategy for building apps because it eliminates redundant stack setup and repeated code.

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The Mobile App That Allows You to Monitor Your Car

US wireless telecom carrier companies are increasingly focused on new technology areas for future growth due to declines in wireless service revenues. Telecom companies are starting to adopt the Internet of things and machine-to-machine communication solutions.

iot platform the hum

Verizon is investing more into the Internet of Things in hopes that they can offset the price war that is eating into their traditional telecom business model. Verizon is producing IoT innovations. It has a powerful network spanning the US and global partners, so they can provide easy ways to connect their network to devices. Verizon has a long term interest in a 5G wireless network rollout, which will also support smart IoT applications, such as self driving car and complex medical solution.

However, Verizon has launched the hum, a new IoT platform to add new technology for almost every vehicle this gives detailed information of a car’s status and how to get assistance in an emergency when a car breaks down. Verizon is one of many companies trying to connects cars and make them smarter. Verizon argues that Hum, with its mobile app, is the best solution for connected cars. By using the Hum app, users can get diagnostic information on their car, as well as see where and what the issue is and then connect it to the nearest mechanic.

How to Setup: The hum system has three components, a mobile app, Bluetooth speaker and OBD (onboard diagnostic) reader. Car owners are required to plug the OBD dongle into their car’s OBD port then Bluetooth enabled speaker device are clipped to the car’s visor. Then, the user installs the hum application on their smartphone from Android or IOS platform. After that, the IoT platform hum system is ready to use with your car.

How it Works: The Hum system communicates data between the Hum dongle and a dedicated hum mobile application. Once the hum system is connected to your car, the platform will diagnose your car problems and offers roadside assistance. It provides the ability to contact a nearby mechanic, emergency and stolen vehicle assistance and a Bluetooth speaker gives you hands free talking by pairing with a smartphone. In addition, to aid with real time help and emergency services, drivers can get the minimum information on car engines and knowledge about problems of their car and how to fix them and what it may cost.

Verizon has also benefited from the car manufacturing industries by sticking to a standard OBD port to every car. By creating a hum device to connect with an industry-standard port, Verizon has also optimized the huge number of car models with which its wireless service can work.

Hum Features for equipped Cars:

  • Easy to add the connected technology to your car and makes it smarter and safer.
  • Can help to prevent the major car problems by catching minor car problems with diagnostic updates. It saves you money and helps you to avoid sudden breakdowns.
  • The Hum app reminds you of car maintenance and service schedules, notifies you of engine and oil changes as well as other important services.
  • Provides free advice on repair cost and expert mechanics.
  • The GPS helps you quickly and accurately with call roadside assistance in an emergency situation.
  • The Hum system automatically calls for emergency assistance in any accident or you can also press a button to call for help at any time.
  • Car location can be identified easily where the car is when stolen.
  • Parking assistance and other offers
  • Discount services

Hum’s launch comes as all car manufacturing companies increasingly see value in adding an IoT solution to their vehicles. The automotive and wireless technology industries are attempting to connect cars and give owners more access to control their vehicles. IoT solutions are to control almost all devices from anywhere even from the office through any mobile platform even a web browser. We implement the IoT solutions for your products and also it can be added easily into your existing devices.