Steve Jobs Retrospective

Steve Jobs’ influence was and is still contagious, and his inspiration will continue to be an impetus that has every tech company, including mobile development firms like Vensi, approaching their work with the same zeal he did. Steve Jobs saw the world through a different lens, and that different perspective resulted in products and experiences that amaze and inspire people – and revolutionized the world in the process. His outside-the-box approach to how we communicate, work and play in an increasingly mobile world exploded an already burgeoning industry. Jobs married together two concepts: necessity, being the mother of invention and a childlike need to explore, to wander our world to see what’s out there.

Jobs was a visionary and a pioneer. He can be described as one of the giants in an industry that has had the same kind of impact as the industrial revolution had in the world. The invention of the steam engine changed our lives, and we went from products being made by hand, one at a time, to mass production. The iPad, iPhone and iTouch are among the creations credited to Steve Jobs that many of us now can’t live without, again changing how – and where – we work and play.

Tech companies spring forth on a daily basis and all of them as excited as Steve Jobs was about the numerous directions each path can take us.  Right now, the focus is on making the things we do every day more mobile: mobile payments, mobile applications and mobile cloud computing.  Terms that did not even exist five years ago have dramatically changed the tech landscape and our lives. Cloud development is now a viable option for many companies.  The applications for multiple systems have become so numerous the acronym “apps” was born.  At last count, the number of apps for the Apple store alone is in the six digit range and there’s no signs of stopping. Work and play are also expanding into the social media field.  People talk about their lives and the products they use.  They play games, they share information, and they stay in touch, and all of this will shape the future of marketing and product development.

What’s around the corner?  What’s the next leap, the next step into technology going to yield?  Steve Jobs was one of the masters who was instrumental in helping us to open the door to a world that is growing at the speed of light, the speed of technology.  How much faster will it go, how much higher will it fly?  The only limit is our imagination. As Steve Jobs said, “We don’t know where it will lead. We just know there’s something much bigger than any of us here.”

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