Solving your queries with jQuery

In order to make every Mobile feel faster, smoother and more elegant, Jquery has made a couple of prominent improvements in its latest version which includes true fixed toolbars, totally re-vamped animated page transitions and AJAX loader, refined form element design and feature set, and improved documentation.

Featuring Lightweight, CSS-based &largelysuitabletrue fixed toolbars which provide acool set of options and methods which can be tapped into wherein a wide variety of issues can be customized, including the visibility of toolbars on page load, whether or not the tap to toggle toolbar feature is enabled, toggle transition etc.

The cross-platform with HTML5 is quite exciting as the mobile framework of jQuery enables you to do more while writing less. This enables designing of a single highly-branded web site or application that will work on almost all platforms including that of popular smartphone, tablet, and desktop. With a special prominence on semantic mark-up and progressive enhancement, jQuery makes life quite simple. Mobile website constructions were never this easy, where all that is required is a basic knowledge of HTML. The drag-and-drop UI builder is to dig for which makes library exploring quick and easy, not to mention taking a quick sneak-peek into some useful resources.

You might want to dig a little deeper about the new popup widget, which makes it quite easy to place any content floating wherever you want it to over your current page. Tasks such as building a simple tooltip, menu, popup form, map overlay are made much simpler and easier. There have been an increasing number of issues with regards to collapsible list views being transformed into a nested list view. With the data-inset option set to false, the edges of the screen display the collapsible, quite similar to that of non-inset list view, thus simulating the a collapsible list effect

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