Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development

More people have been using handheld devices over laptops due to accessibility and convenience issues. Because of this, many businesses are adopting mobile versions of their websites in the form of mobile applications. This allows users to easily access information on their phones or tablets so a user can view the company website or purchase items from the online shops.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

The way a website works and responds to its users is one of the most important aspect for a business to be successful, especially in this highly competitive business world. A website must be regularly updated in order to capture the attention of users. For example, if you are launching a product, the product launch has to be as captivating as possible. This is causing the need for web development to greatly increase.

iPhone & iPad Application Development

iPhone Application Development

Vensi is making a huge impact by creating end-to-end custom iOS applications. This can range anywhere from gaming, education, entertainment, multimedia, or anything else you can think of. We have highly skilled developers who have years of experience developing iOS applications and have created countless great applications for many companies. We keep up with the latest trends and technologies to ensure our customers get the best solution. Whether you want an application for your business or for the general public, we work with you on every step to make sure you have the perfect application.


Android Application Development

Android is one of the leading next gen open-source mobile software platforms. Android’s operating system is based on Linux Kernel. Developers can control mobile devices through Google enabled Java libraries by using a specific code creation. This will provide a platform which mobile applications can be built onto using software stacks using Google Android SDK.


Windows Mobile Application Development

Windows phones are an extensively used mobile devices being one of the most favored platforms for both techies and non-techies. App developers are provided with wide ranging options in developing custom Windows Mobile applications thanks to the fact that it is the condensed version of the Windows desktop operating system.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Technology

The use of hardware and software information delivered to users from a web-based service is referred to as Cloud Computing Technology. In short, it is a grid of computers, which deliver software and data by serving as a service-oriented construction to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. For example, this technology can be used by retail businesses to keep track of workers vacation time.


Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth software has evolved a great extent since its introduction to the tech world. It has radically transformed the way millions of people communicate and access information. Being one of the most prominent features in mobile phones, Bluetooth is being enhanced towards data transmission, communication and software development. Information exchange between devices using Bluetooth has been taken to another level with file sharing, documents, pictures, printing pictures all done via Bluetooth enabled devices such as printers, smartphones, and more.

Voice Recognition Technology

Voice Recognition Technology

It is the technology which has the ability to covert the voice of a person into an identifiable data pattern. With the ever increasing number of biometric applications, voice-based verification is not only non-contact and non-intrusive but is also simple-to-use. By significantly reducing the number of live calls, the consumer can have the luxury of procuring information at their beck and call, thus reducing the amount of time required to stay online.