Progressive demand for Mobile App Developers

More and more companies are branching out into the mobile space, be it via introducing a Smartphone application or coming up with a mobile site or apps for tablet devices. With the explosion of mobile technology, the desktop has literally been usurped by the combined usage of Smartphone and tablets. With one of the major contributing factors for this paradigm shift being the rapid increase of application-based actions, there is a huge demand for mobile application developers in the market, owing to the increased need for mobile enterprises to leverage mobile technologies.

Accept it or not, Apple’s iPhone has contributed a lot to the growing popularity of the Smartphone era. iPhone is the most sought after phone, majorly because of its effortless ability to run apps efficiently rather than its use as a cell phone. With a huge number of apps being created by app developers on a regular basis, apart from their design and interaction, other factors such as speed, security, etc. make a huge difference.

Mobile enterprises are therefore more than willing to invest in time and budget to pin down appropriate resources and are hiring IT professionals with precise skill sets across iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms. Although statistics reveal iOS mobile apps to be in high demand, Android app development is in considerable demand and hence these exists a need to sync up with the increased demand with appropriate solutions. This is particularly true according to Ellen Pack, VP of Marketing, Elance.Com, who feels that, “there is more demand than supply because there aren’t enough great mobile developers out there”. Probably because of the relative newness of those platforms, there is not enough expertise out there in building native apps for Apple or for BlackBerry or for Android.

The current demand in the arena of mobile application development can be met by majorly focusing on the programming skills required for respective mobile platforms. With skills in C++, Java, Eclipse, Android SDK being mandate for Android programmers, iPhone application developers need to possess thorough knowledge in Objective-C, XCode, JavaScript, HTML, SDK and Cocoa Touch frameworks etc. All said and done, possessing the above skills sets sans creativity and innovation leaves no room for improvement and novelty. With a huge scope for a bright career growth in the mobile development, the time is ripe to respond to the increased demand for mobile app developers

Primary reasons for increased demand for mobile app developers:

  • Go Mobile: Enterprise management has undergone a complete transformation with the growing popularity of mobile technology. With the current generation being led by Smartphone popularity, the way we access web has undergone a major paradigm shift
  • Start-ups opting for outsourcing services: With the rise in start-up enterprises choosing to outsource mobile app development as a relatively cost effective approach means of marketing. This makes it easier to track individual work progress, rather than keeping a tab on developmental milestones
  • Key Expertise Areas: By opting for an individual mobile app developer, businesses can focus on roping in one whose expertise lies in the desired area. For instance, it doesn’t make much sense to get an iOS developer for an Android requirement, does it?
  • Expanded room for competition: By hiring developers based on specific skill sets, it is quite an easy task for clients to view their past performances and ratings, above all, get over the geographical barriers and constraints. This provides more focus on talent and expertise rather than mundane issues

Vensi’s way of addressing these issues:

Over the years, ever since its inception, Vensi has managed to pool huge resources, which are extremely qualified and professional experts featuring diverse technical skills in order to address the dearth in talent and innovation. Our exceptional team of mobile app developers delivers brilliant applications across all mobile platforms, fully ensuring to meet client expectations at every level, by translating ideas into inventive realities.

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