Mobilizing Your Sales Force: Closing Deals on the Go

In this economy, every sale counts. Companies are competing ferociously for each new customer, and the pressure to grow their market share is falling on the sales teams. Sales people know that with such intense competition, they need to go where their potential customers are and close the deal on the spot. Advancements in mobile technology have made it easier for companies to bring their sales forces closer to their customers, but employing custom, mobile applications can make that process more efficient and more user-friendly, ultimately generating more revenue.

Custom applications created by Vensi are currently being used on smart phones and tablets and eliminate the need for sales people to carry laptops or paper presentations and forms. The application contains all of the information that sales people need when they meet with a potential client, including access to enterprise databases and payment systems.

The sales force is able to walk into a sales meeting and show the customer all the features of the product, service or program they are selling, directly from their iPad or mobile device. Professional-looking presentations, perhaps developed in Keynote or PowerPoint, are launched by the application, displaying all the information the customer needs to make a decision on the spot.

If the consumer or client is interested, the mobile application allows the sales person to close the deal at that moment – inputting their information into the enterprise database, sending the sales order and receiving payment – all in real time through the mobile application. A process that may have once required the completion and filing of paper documents, then scheduling of follow-up meetings, and additional time for the payment to arrive via check or wire transfer, can take just minutes with these mobile solutions.

These applications are also designed to work in offline mode. If a sales person is calling a business client or a customer from a place where there is no available Wi-Fi signal or 3G access, the presentation will still launch, and all of the relevant client information can still be entered into the application. As soon as the sales person enters an area with a wireless network, the application will automatically sync-up with the appropriate systems and update the sales information.

Mobile technology has improved productivity and increased profits for many enterprises, but mobile applications customized for specific business needs and sales processes take mobile sales to the next level. These applications streamline the sales process and save company resources, including the most valuable resource of all, time. The business world continues to become increasingly competitive, with more vendors fighting for the same clients. Mobilizing your sales force with the right mobile applications will give your sales people the advantage they need to succeed.

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