Make your products SMART with Bluetooth SMART

It’s quite a challenge for every company to plan for ROI and the transition from negative returns to profitability. Everyone need to anticipate market changes and shift quickly to attract the customers. Adapting new technology Bluetooth & Mobile applications is one of the best thing for companies to include the new and necessary features like wireless connection in their products to meet the needs of customers.Bluetooth smart

The new innovation of Bluetooth called Bluetooth SMART  also known as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) that allows mobile devices to connect to any SMART devices. This new generation of electronic equipments are set to take advantage of Bluetooth Smart Low Energy technology that supports  smartphones and tablets for a wide range of custom new applications, manufacturers can easily add this exciting features to any of products that connect to the Internet of Things.

Vensi, Inc. provides a unique solution to connect your devices using Bluetooth technology and it is easy  to use with our custom Mobile applications.

Our Bluetooth & Mobile application will use a small battery to power the wireless connection for years, it allows more equipment’s to be easily connected to the wider network. We implemented solutions using Bluetooth Smart, discrete components and by adopting ready-made modules may prove to be a more cost-effective solution. This modules can reduces design effort and time-to-market, particularly with pre-qualified and certified by the regulatory authorities in the countries where to be used.