Key Challenges In Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing

Billions of mobile users depend on their mobile phones for their daily routines,  using mobile apps to browse the internet for social networking and using mobile apps for the specific purpose of tasks to complete personal tasks like paying bills on banking apps or ordering a car on Uber apps are rapidly growing. The use and rapid development of mobile apps indicate the widespread dependence we now have with our Smartphones. Mobile app testing is of major importance for mobile application before they are released into the market, this helps the user to get a better user experience and higher performance. There are multiple mobile platforms available in the present market and also along with that, different app development tools using latest technologies are addressing unique solutions for mobile app testing challenges while developing a great mobile app.

Mobile User Interfaces: Different mobile OS’s have different user interfaces, those are guided by specific rules. Non-compliance mobile apps with their rules and guidelines can delay the mobile app publishing process, as well as in turn have impacts on increasing the cost of development and testing. Mobile app testing is required to meet the industry standards for apps to be accepted globally especially in this mobility era of technology.

User Experience and App Performance: The success of mobile apps mainly depends on great user experience and performance. If there are any delays even a second, this might interrupt the user experience and  impacts on app preferences in the market. The mobile applications without errors and faults provide a better user experience and directly has an impact on the business sources of the application.

Many new users choose applications based on rating and reviews. So, errors, faults, a poor performance of an app surely get bad reviews and negative rating from existing users and undoubtedly it leads to failure of the application success in the market

Security:  Mobile phones have become extensions of our work life as well as our personal life. We use our mobile phones to check our work email, medical info, banking accounts and other sensitive data. Every user expects the app they download to be secure and safe. Securing their mobile apps from hackers and malicious users is every business and app developers responsibility.

Mobile apps are mostly managed via a private cloud because it is more secure than the public cloud. Wireless infrastructures have data sensitivity and security problems like spam, data breaches, phishing and other attacks. So, mobile apps are required to test the critical data communication between the app and cloud.

Manual or Automated testing:  Testing every bit of functionality of an app and all the app features may not be a simple task every time, but it is very important and necessary. Automated testing provides a different mechanism, that consistently repeats a test procedure to verify application results. It can be an effective tool and helpful in each stage of the application development process. Due to tremendous advancements in technology, there are many tools available for automated mobile app testing, but it requires significant initial investment and the tools may not provide effective result in each step of the development process of an app. So, using a mix of manual and automated testing is the best and gives optimum results.

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