iPad Mini or Nexus 7: A better Bargain

Technology is one such thing that can definitely be related to politics. When it comes to buying or purchasing one, there are basically two categories of technology buyers – one category which loves the technology in itself, while the other category is just interested in getting things done and the technology that they choose to buy doesn’t seem to be a big deal. Well, there is also a neutral category which is quite cautious about what they buy and all that they are concerned about is about the price, features, aesthetics, stability, and customer service. That said, one of the most common causes of confusion is whether to go for Google’s Android or maybe just stick to the Apple brand, considering the enormous hype that the latter brings along with it.

Before we dive into the technical aspects, one need to bear in mind is that the first thing that matters is what type of person you are. If you’re a person whose life is intertwined with the Apple world, you know the solution. Or is it the technology or the practical benefits that are found most appealing? Let’s find out as we consider the former – technological aspects. While the physical size of the screen (7.9 vs. 7.0 inches) of the iPad mini is definitely the most evident difference that one can make out, there are other features that make the Nexus 7 stand out, some of which include more cores, a higher clock rate, more memory, a higher resolution, a GPS, and a cheaper price. It is however a personal choice when it comes to iPad’s square-ish aspect ratio or a much movie-friendly rectangular format on the Nexus 7.

Coming to the functional aspects, nothing can beat the iPad mini in terms of its inexhaustible battery life. But it terms of portability, the Nexus 7 is more portable, thanks to its small size and what’s more, it can practically do everything the iPad mini can do and maybe more. On the other hand, the solid build quality and design of the latter is definitely worth mentioning. Although it is much wider than other 7-inch Android tablets, it is much smaller, lighter and easier to hold in one hand than the normal iPad.

In conclusion, if you’re a regular Apple buyer and price is no object, then iPad mini it is. However, if prefer a better price bargain, customization plus cutting edge hardware including GPS, the Nexus 7 in unbeatable. It is a hands down winner, in terms of a plethora of features and above all, it is more affordable and is one of the best designed Android tablet, with a better screen resolution than the iPad Mini.

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