iPad Is Revolutionizing the Business World

The introduction of the iPhone revolutionized the world’s approach to mobile communications. Vensi believes the iPad is in the process of forcing the same kind of revolution in the business world, changing the way we think about everything related to business and how it is conducted. The iPad may not replace the laptop, but it will certainly put the laptop in the background and be the device of choice when traveling, meeting with clients, or taking notes.

The iPad has become everyone’s favorite e-book reader and portable video player. As a mobile application development firm, Vensi is quickly recognizing the capacity the iPad has to revolutionize productivity in business through developing applications that streamline workflow. Because the iPad is easy to use and doesn’t require an IT degree to operate, it is going to introduce people to the Internet who may have never been comfortable with it before. This means that the possibility of increasing the reach and exposure your business has on the web can explode by using iPad applications, particularly as you take advantage of social media marketing.

What will be critical in the coming months, and where Vensi’s efforts have been specialized, are in the development of mobile applications that offer cross-functionality, and will work on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. While this often creates extra steps in the planning and development process, by recognizing the capability the iPad has to streamline business functions through the creation of cross-functional applications that allow businesses to take advantage of the power that comes with this type of portability. Many industries will benefit.

Vensi has already developed a medical monitor application for one of our clients that needed to connect the iPad to a monitoring device using Bluetooth technology for data transfer. Other medical uses for iPads, such as using the iPad as a platform doctors can use for recording notes and diagnostic information while making rounds. This can improve hospital efficiency and accuracy, enhancing patient safety and reducing cost.

Many other industries are benefiting from the platform iPad – and soon, the Android/Samsung tablet, which has already sold 600,000 units overseas – offers. Real Estate agents, the legal community, insurance agents, and other sales-focused industries are already benefitting from the powerful portability iPad offers.  As more and more applications are developed that help these types of companies stay in touch with their clients, the iPad will soon become an integral part of any service business, and Vensi is proud to be in the forefront of the development process.

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