How to Design a Mobile App

Our fundamental work at Vensi is to design and create quality, highly optimized mobile solutions that improve productivity on any platform. Choosing the right mobile development firm is critical to the success of your app, and Vensi firmly believes that the development firm should take the time to learn about your business and industry, understand the function of your app, and anticipate your needs by thinking in new and creative ways about the role of technology in our world.

How do we design mobile applications? We do it in collaboration with you, the client.  Whether you come to us with nothing but an idea in your head or have nothing more than some scribbles on your morning latte cup, we can take your idea and transform it into a multi-platform, highly functional application suited specifically to your needs.

Vensi believes that collaboration leads to innovation. We think and work differently. Our company culture is open, communicative, global, collaborative, and imaginative. We watch every industry trend, and we are bold when it comes to trying something new. This environment allows us to stay ahead of the curve in concept, design, and architecture. We keep technology fresh in ingenious ways and it is evident in our mobile application solutions and products.

Our collaborative approach carries through into our development process. In order to ensure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for in your application, Vensi uses a storyboard process. Prior to beginning the development phase of your project, we create each screen of the app as part of a storyboard, allowing you to visualize precisely how the app will look, feel, and function. This provides the opportunity to get feedback from the client and make necessary changes. You have the opportunity to see the conceptualization of the application ahead of time with the storyboard and this fuels inspiration and provides an efficient method for identifying unanticipated needs before delving deeply into the development process. Storyboarding saves our clients time and money because we make it an integral part of the process.

The ultimate goal of mobile application development is to bring things together, be it individuals, businesses, global workforces, concepts, infrastructure, or devices. We believe that mobile applications can and constantly do change the way people and companies interact in elemental ways. These connections make us all more productive, and they make our daily lives more interesting and enjoyable.

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