How IoT Transforms Commercial Buildings

Buildings have stayed more or less with the same technology for a very long time now. There have been improvements in design, but the technology in buildings has stayed pretty much the same. However, with the help of IoT, this is changing fast.  The Internet of Things allows users to control almost every aspect of a building if the correct solution is chosen. This ranges from lights to HVAC.

IoT in Commercial buildings

There are probably many skeptics out there saying that all of this is probably unnecessary. While we are obviously able to change the temperature and lights ourselves, an IoT can really help save time. In addition, not only will IoT save you time, but it will save you money. IoT solutions have been proven to save users money. This is due to the build in data analysis features included in many IoT solutions.

These solutions allow users to track all of their devices and the solution sends out recommendations on how to be more efficient. For example, if the lights in a building are on when no one is in the building, the solution may notify the user of this and prompt them to turn off the lights. This is only one energy saving example, there are countless others.

Another aspect of buildings that IoT can significantly change is HVAC. With IoT, you are able to take precautionary measures that were not possible before unless you are monitoring your device 24/7. An IoT solution is able to monitor your HVAC system constantly and if it senses something will go wrong, it will send you an alert.

Security is always a concern when it comes to a building. The security alerts of a building work similar to that of HVAC. If the solution senses something is wrong, it will send the user a notification. A connected security system where the user is also part of the process is very important. Many security systems have an alarm and the police are called. Later, the user is called about the incident. However, with IoT, the alert is sent to the user the second something happens.

IoT solutions are not very expensive either when compared to other protocols like BACnet and LON. According to  Raj Hiremath, director of marketing at ClimateMaster Inc, “In the past, HVAC systems have been integrated together within the building using protocols like BACnet and LON. They have been expensive to install and maintain and, generally, have not provided convenience of access and control to the system over the Internet,” he also said. “IoT, when implemented correctly, allows lower first-cost networking of the units and monitor-control-diagnose units over the Internet, a convenience, now cost-effectively available today. It also potentially allows for remote commissioning, further reducing first cost.”

One way to keep track of all of your devices is by using an online dashboards like the ones that Vensi, Inc. creates. With a dashboard, you are able to analyze your devices to make the best cost and energy saving decisions.

As you can see, IoT can make a big difference when it comes to managing a building. Not only is it cost effective, but can also save you time and energy. There seems to be no reason not to adopt an IoT solution. It may take some time to completely get use to the idea, but when you do, you will regret waiting for so long.

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