How IoT Data and Connected Products are Helping Businesses

IoT Data and connected devices

The Internet of Things is providing a streamlined future world in the business processes that will be automatically controlled by connecting devices and those devices can interact and communicate with one another at all times. Forward-thinking organizations are focusing their Internet of Things initiatives like sensors devices, smart machines and more on developing new approaches for managing data. IoT and big data analytics have received much attention with large enterprises such as Amazon, Cisco, GE, Microsoft, Salesforce, and SAP as they are claiming their position in the market.

Why IoT data is important: Analytics are very important to make connected products smarter and to make IoT data actionable. With the advent of IoT, all kinds of connected products from thermostats to smart cars to fitness trackers are able to connect and generate huge data and transform new business opportunities to a wide range of products and services. Smart thermostats are controlling home devices, networked industrial machines are autonomously coordinating and optimizing manufacturing processes in addition connected cars can now alert drivers of  their operational problems before they occur. Connected products are continuously evolving with almost all services creating a strong relationship with firms and customers.

How connected products rethink data: Connected products generate IoT data from sensors. For example, they can measure heat, vibration and more and that data can help to predict a machine failure in advance. Big data analytics employs new techniques to understand data and helps to act autonomously. A gateway exchanges data between a connected product and the user and also integrates data from all business systems, external sources, and other related connected products. IoT technology also serves as the platform for data storage and analytics to run applications and enable remote access to a connected product.

The biggest benefits of connected products for a business:

  • Enables extraordinary new product capabilities
  • Products can monitor and report on their condition in any environment
  • Complex product operations can be controlled through remote access
  • The combination of data monitoring and remote control capability increases substantially and improves product performance, utilization, and uptime.
  • Enhances product capabilities through software upgraded via the cloud, which can fix bugs or performance issues and meet new customer requirements
  • Enable ongoing quality management continuous monitoring of performance data, which allows identifying design problems
  • Reshaping the operations of manufacturing plants where machines are networked and enables automation
  • Products improve services by preventive and proactive actions and remote services

IoT data and connected products are leading the charge toward improving a businesses future and can speed-up the journey towards a business vision and make a huge difference for a society. We at can provide rapid prototyping of IoT solutions for your products that can help you improve your business.