How Enterprise Apps Can Improve Productivity

Transform business with enterprise mobile app

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. We can pay bills, play games, browse and or shop, interact with friends and work, and many other things. It also has become a key part at workplace too.  Each employee spends more than 2 hours per day using their smartphones. So, why shouldn’t enterprises allow employees to use their smartphones to increase productivity? By improving the mobile strategy in businesses, enterprises can attain immediate added value in productivity and an increased level of employee satisfaction.

Here are few aspects that enterprises should take into consideration while developing an app:

Creativity with More Convenience: Most enterprises have overlooked combining creativity and practicality in their business, which is a key element in app development. An app development companies can find that perfect balance and establish it by providing customized mobile app solutions, that can enhance your employee’s productivity, convenience and efficiency.

Communication: An enterprise app must lead to faster responses in instant and more user-friendly communication. Eliminating few routine activities like sending mails to the clients for responses by implementing automation messaging. By adding remote monitoring and controlling capabilities also would allow employees to access required information from anywhere, even working away from the office. Employees are able to work from a home, the airport and make the work experience more enjoyable. Coming to marketing and sales, sales executives can look-up critical information right before going into meetings, especially managers can have better control over their staff and workflow.

Best User Experience: An app for enterprises requires a more simplified approach, that comes  from UX. Identifying the best UX and developing it, engaging with multiple activities will provide exceptional growth in an employee’s productivity. The app always should have an attractive look, but performance is also of even greater importance because a poor UX leads to an increase in frustration as well as a decrease in productivity. We’ve already talked about how “A Great App Designs Always Starts With Users Experience” in previous blog post.

Identifiable Results: If you want to measure and view all results on a smartphone, you should require a well developed app, that should have big-data analytical capabilities and performance indicators built in. These will allow enterprise apps to show how employees interact with the app, and also how much time required for particular tasks to be completed. This makes event tracking much easier and automatic reports, which saves your staff time and money.

However, adopting a mobile strategy in enterprises by using latest technologies is the easiest way to make them accessible for all your business strategies, because your employees already have smartphones in their palm, that would enable all employees to get things done on the go, or even after working hours. Moreover apps are enjoyable to use, and it is a major influencer on efficiency. Starting minor or major business processes and syncing with mobile app will allow your employees to have extra time that can be used in a more productive manner.

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