High Performance PHP Frameworks for Web Application Development

php for web app development

If business users want to know whether they should choose PHP as a platform for their applications. We hope that this article can help you understand the current situation and the possibilities of PHP in your web applications. PHP is one of the object-oriented programming language used in the dynamic web application development. The modern frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, Laravel or Magento and CMS are based on this language.

New PHP Version: As other languages, PHP also released new versions with more updates, security, features and increased capabilities. The recent version of PHP 7.0.9 has more tools and improved performance compared to the previous version of PHP 5.6.24. However, many people are still quite doubtful when it comes to migrating to version 7 of PHP because of the fear of bugs and the loss of stability. But, PHP 7 has proved to be the best performer and is being used in a number of new projects.

Listing The Best PHP Frameworks For Web Application Development:

Developers frequently use ready-made elements of the application while developing projects. A tool that helps in preparation of an application is a framework. The framework includes predefined classes that are making the developer’s work much easier and faster. Framework usually contains elements such as managing events, database, cache engines, logs, user authentications.

The most popular PHP frameworks are Symfony, Laravel, and Phalcon as described below:

Symfony is the oldest framework as it was released in 2005. These framework modules are the basis for many other platforms such as Laravel or Drupal. It has a large number of ready-made modules which provides additional functionalities in a web application.

Laravel is The PHP Framework for Web Artisans. It is hard to compare with Symfony and decide which is better when it comes to efficiency and possibilities both platforms are similar to each other. Laravel uses many modules of its older brother Symfony, so some elements may look familiar. A big advantage of Laravel is the web development process seems to be easier and faster.

Phalcon was created as a response to the growing demand and performance of web applications. The idea of creating this framework to be the fastest PHP framework and it is also  ideal to work on simpler platforms or services that require higher performance. The main reason for such a great performance of this tool is that it’s created as an extension of the language and certain operations are performed much faster, which can result in its increased productivity.

The present development market is constantly introducing new approaches and tools for  web development, which allow you to create web projects faster, more professional and the way that ensures safe and stable operations. PHP is becoming more and more advanced, but there are many options with the number of other technologies and methodologies when it comes to web development.

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