Great App Design Always Starts with the User Experience

Great App designs

Designing a great mobile app is not about designing pretty screens. It is all about the customer satisfaction and how user starting the moment to download your app. Each great app designs depends on the app’s, user experience, re-engagement, and much more.

App design is a very important stage while development of the entire mobile app. Mobile design is a very complex process. It’s not just the beautiful buttons we see. So, except for the technical skill of learning how to draw, you would also need a deep understanding of mobile app usability. App designers need to make sure to be aware of these points, the platforms, and devices that offer default controls, accelerometer, gestures, GPS and design limitations to create a compelling design.

If your customers are primarily desktop users, you can create an app to access a tool that will only work with workstations for enterprise level and you no need to think about mobile accessibility. But if your customers want an online storage and want to access localized information depending on where customers are, then you are better to go for a mobile first design approach, that can help you to reach the largest number of customers and grow your business. Your website also needs to work well to access a range of devices remotely. First, you must put efforts on design and then sketch out your mobile web strategy like

For more intuitive, user-friendly mobile experience and great app design, should have some of the best practices to keep in mind before designing app:

The Best User Experience design: Before committing to a complete design path, create a simple prototype. It doesn’t need to be fancy, it can be on paper so you can start understanding the flow between app content and actions. It helps out new app ideas and to build a common understanding of each page of your app. Building app should flows around content, that provides a much more accurate assessment of all pages, which pertain to your app. Next, create a sketch or digital prototype for each page. This outline helps you quickly explore different pages and flow. Finally, a quick prototype with matching colors helps you test those ideas with users.

Utilize Advantage of Mobile Specific Features: Smartphones have many features like accelerometer, GPS, Gyrometers and other different sensors, that are not available on desktops. Figure out how to utilize these features to make a great mobile experience for your app even better. For example, you can add features like “Tap to Call”  for the phone number on your contact-us page, enable sharing your content across different social media platforms or GPS to offer your exact location specific information and other services. These features help strengthen your app or website, think out of the box and improve mobile specific functionalities for the great mobile experience.

Ideally, users should be able to perform their routine tasks quickly and in fewer steps as possible. Once your customer starts using the app, if it does everything they want to do within two taps then it is a great app design. If not, it should be redesigned for a more functional easier to use apps. Apps can do few tasks from the opening screen, such as taking a picture, surf information, navigate specific albums, check out groups, and more, all just with a couple taps. So design to reduce the amount of efforts that users do. The lesser efforts they can have, the more likely your app will achieve great success.