Google Assistant is Google’s a new strategy to rule voice search world

Google assistant conversation

Voice search is growing, and Google is investing heavily in products that utilize this voice technology. This voice search engine has gained traction in recent years, adults and teens began the experience of Voice Search’s ability to get quick answers to their questions, show directions and so on. By 2014, Google had taken an extreme interest in voice search and voice recognition and answers, and Google felt that voice search was the future.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced in 2016 Google’s I/O keynote that 20 percent of all queries are voice searches through Android smart devices, and this number is growing. Google unveiled an upgrade of Google Now, a virtual assistant called Google Assistant. In this upgraded version, you can ask multiple questions for an answer like a clear conversation till get the right answer and it works like as a personal and conversational assistant.

Google already knew that users are increasingly interacting with Google search for information, Google also helps users searching for the world’s information but trying help users  in daily tasks. Google Assistant uses the new advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, natural language processing, voice recognition and translation to provide improved and assistive user experience, which makes Google speech recognition the clearest and most accurate voice recognition software in the world.

Google Home device brings Google Assistant:

Google also announced it’s new Google Home, which is built in Google Assistant and like a voice-activated home assistant. It is a direct competitor to Amazon Echo also called Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Google Assistant lets every customer enjoy entertainment, manage everyday tasks, and get the right answer from Google. With a simple voice command, you can ask to play a favorite song, set a timer for the oven to prepare food, check your flight, or turn on your lights. The hardware of Google Assistant is designed to fit your home with in different colors and materials. Google Home will be released later this year.

How Google Assistant helps to get things done:

Here Google Assistant combines machine learning and web search to understand what a user is asking and responds to them based on the  user’s request. Google search has been serving users to get information to complete the tasks done by a user itself, but Google Assistant is going beyond that, aiming to understand your requests and helps you get things done. It makes it easy to buy movie tickets while on the go, to find that desired and nearby restaurant for your family to grab a quick bite before the film starts, and then helps you navigate to the theater.

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