Exploring Tablets

Apple brought the tablet to the forefront of mobile computing with the iPad, and Android certainly seems to be catching the wave. Even Hewlett Packard has launched the HP Touchpad, so more exciting industry changes are on the horizon. The intuitive nature and pervasive adoption of tablet technology has changed the expectations of end users tremendously.

While we at Vensi do not believe tablets are going to replace desktop and laptop systems anytime soon, tablets with touchpad technology are definitely improving workplace productivity. Vensi has been developing tablet applications for a variety of clients representing the medical, construction, and education industries. Vensi has developed applications that allow our clients to better control costs and improve efficiency through tracking, utilization, and labor tracking. There are even applications available to enhance your desktop experience by making your Droid perform as a touchpad mouse and keyboard for your pc.

Managers grab their tablet to take notes at meetings or to share their presentation materials. Marketing and sales folks are taking their tablet on the road to presentations and sales calls and have all the information they need at their fingertips to present their products, answer questions, close the deals, sign up the clients and process the orders right there and then.

Envision going on a sales call – you already have a coveted appointment with the key decision maker. While on the plane, you are able to pull out your tablet and review your research. You note that the potential client actually purchases from two of your competitors instead of one, so you tweak your presentation to illustrate how your product outshines them both. You have been doing this a long time, and in the past you did a lot of presentations where you used a static PowerPoint presentation or company brochure and did all the talking and hoped you were hitting the right points. Now you know you have all you need for a much more effective give-and-take approach wherein you can start with an overview and get a conversation going with your prospective customer.

Because it is not easy to create a presentation that is both brief and covers all contingencies, it is great to have a tablet that has you covered. You can adapt and change the materials you show and discuss as the conversation flows.   You can prepare your materials ahead of time and customize the entire experience on the fly, answering all of your potential client’s questions by pulling up any documents or data you need on your tablet.

Every aspect of the meeting is tailored exactly to the needs of this particular client.  At the end of your meeting, when you see that you have had an impact and the company is on-board and knows your products will make their team more productive, operations more effective or efficient, or customers happier, you’ll be able to immediately pull up a contract and close the deal.  You are successful because you are equipped and ready for anything and everything when you put the power of a tablet to work for you.

With customized applications that make tablet technology an effective solution for increasing productivity, improving sales efforts, and growing your business, this technology is a worthy investment for most industries.

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