Dual Cameras on the iPad 2 Will Do More Than Take Photographs

The iPad 2 is here, and seeing Apple CEO Steve Jobs do what only he can do with his appearance this week was certainly an uplifting moment. With regard to the iPad 2 itself, the particulars were definitely not surprising.

We at Vensi are happy with the new design; Apple did everything we hoped they would do and more: “Thinner. Lighter. Faster. FaceTime. 10-hour battery.”  We are especially excited about the addition of the dual front and rear-facing cameras.

The front-facing camera will provide the much anticipated and very appreciated capability for video chat via FaceTime. This brings the iPad 2 in line with its competition, and we believe it makes the iPad much more marketable as a business tool for enterprise users as well as for small businesses. It may also be the feature that pushes people to add a tablet to their technological repertoire and toolbox.

There has been some commentary about the quality of the rear-facing camera, and indeed it looks as though you will need to pull out your iPhone to take a snapshot of sufficient quality to make it worth saving. However, at Vensi we believe the most marketable advantage of the rear-facing camera has nothing to do with taking the perfect Facebook profile photo of your Basset Hound.  Instead, the addition of a rear-facing camera to a product as pervasive as the iPad makes QR Code scanning something that will rapidly become commonplace.

Barcodes have been on products for decades, and as the barcode gives way to the QR code, we are beginning to see them on used on educational, promotional, and marketing materials. They are on movie posters, in magazines, in restaurant menus, on business cards, at airports, on maps, and more. (If you can’t see the QR code, it is probably digitally watermarked into the images on the source document). The QR code contain links to web sites with more information, access to digital coupons, video and music clips – the possibilities are truly endless.

We are thrilled about the potential of QR coding to transform how businesses target their customers, how individuals learn about new products and events, how marketing data is collected, how thrifty consumers will bargain hunt, even how a dinner reservation is made or a book is checked out from the library. We at Vensi are inspired, and we are already developing some exciting (and pretty groovy) mobile applications that utilize QR code technology. Stay tuned and prepare for another technological leap into the future!

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