Developer Feature: Padmapriya (Padma) Dubasi

I love working for Vensi. Not only are they the kind of mobile development firm that supports developers in their efforts, but they offer the kind of freedom and flexibility that allow me to truly enjoy my job.

Vensi was the perfect match for me because of my desire to work in the mobile application development industry. Vensi has a great reputation as a premier mobile application development firm, and I have been very happy to be a part of the Vensi team for eighteen months now.

I spent my first six months working with Vensi on various client projects. The work is always challenging and intellectually stimulating, and Vensi works hard to match the right project with the right developers to stimulate inventiveness and to ensure a continuously evolving workforce. I am never bored since the work challenges me to learn additional skills and to think in innovative ways with each new project.

I am delighted to be working for Vensi on a large project for the past thirteen months, and I find Vensi’s strong emphasis on communication and collaboration with our clients immeasurably helpful to me in my day-to-day work. I’m glad to work for Vensi. If you are interested in a career in mobile application development, I encourage you to continue to study math and science, study hard, and explore a company like Vensi that will help you to develop skills that will give you a competitive edge in this field by assigning you to challenging and exciting projects.

At Vensi, we know that our success is due to the high quality of the people we attract and employ. We look for the extraordinary in our job applicants, and we always find it in people like Padma. Then we retain our talent and keep our company competitive with the approachable and collaborative work style that we nurture throughout the company and within each element of a project. Furthermore, we never stop learning and changing as individuals and as a company. This growth is not only encouraged, it is expected, and it is embraced at every level of the organization. Because of Padma and our other brilliant teammates working together with their industrious creativity, Vensi is truly the place to be for cutting edge mobile application development.

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