Location Based Services are Playing a Crucial role in Mobile App Development

Location-based services have seen an increase in demand, in the few couple years, we see this demand will grow as more and more companies are taking advantage of this data to enhance their relationships with their customers.

Wikipedia defines Location Bases Services as…A location-based service (LBS) is a software-level service that uses location data to control features. As such LBS is an information service and has a number of uses in social networking today as information, in entertainment or security, which is accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and which uses information on the geographical position of the mobile device.

Location Bases Services are critical to many businesses as well as governmental organizations to drive real insight from data tied to a specific location where activities take place. The geographical patterns that location-related data and services can provide are one of its most powerful and useful aspect where the location is a common denominator in all of these activities and can be leveraged to better understand patterns and relationships.

Location Based Services are Playing a Crucial role in Mobile App Development

We first saw location-based apps with companies like Foursquare and Gowalla, we also have seen that all social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have incorporated (LBS) into their apps. This app usually uses GPS to identify the location.

Now we are seeing more and more GPS, Wifi and Beacon apps used to identify people’s location for various reason, including to find coupons and discounts, to identify what’s around you, sharing current locations through social media, to find destinations, getting to the desired location (using Uber & Lyft), dating and remembering location based events.

GPS apps are a great way to find a destination and get directions with the fastest route taking into consideration traffic, road constructions or accidents in the path of your destination. Once arriving at that destination and being able to establish your location, and your surrounding, to find the closest gas station, restaurant or ATM is very useful when you’re in an area that you’re not familiar with. Google Maps does a great job of guiding users to their destinations.

Wifi is a more useful for indoor applications with its networking capabilities, allow computer, smartphones, and tablets to connect to the internet, it’s also a great tool in industrial, retail, home and most commercial applications to identify the location of not only people but assets.

Beacons are a great solution that many industries are using to transmit data with people in close proximity to the establishments. Beacons are being used in 100’s of applications like Retail, Hospitals, Tourism, Education, Entertainment and many others including Smart cities. These relatively low-cost hardware are assisting with the growth and adoption of the Internet of Things and are providing new ways of getting people more engaged.

Vensi, Inc has developed Location Based Applications for many companies in different industries using GPS, Wifi, and Beacons. As part of the BlueApp platform which focuses on the Internet of Things, which is taking advantage of (LBS) to connect and identify the location of different devices and systems. If you are planning a project with (LBS) and are looking for a good partner to work side by side with your team. For more information contact us at vensi.com/contact_us.

How Supply Chain Applications Can Transform Businesses

supply chain application

If Business have the better visibility into their connected supply chain, that opens up new ways to manage stock and customer deliveries. When the enterprises are able to transform the process of design new products, organize their routine operations and interact with their valuable customers, it is clear and easy to enable digital transformation in the supply chain by deploying new technologies. It brings fundamental changes in an enterprise to meet customer needs.

When the enterprises able to track or have better visibility on  items or goods through the supply chain, that can optimize stock levels and faster the transportation. That visibility forces management to think outside of their traditional functions.

Collaborating with technology is also very important to provide better customer experience. Some of the big companies are already started to adopt new technologies for rapid delivery of customer goods. Re-evaluating the supply chain management offers greater flexibility at speed and greater visibility.

How the Information Technology Drives the Transformation in Supply Chain:

Traditional business software not designed for global supply chain, they can’t work with global trading communities. Business networks require the massive levels of information to process automation in a supply chain. If the business information is posted centrally in the cloud from entire trading communities, it delivers on the promise of connectivity, control, visibility, and intelligence for all. So, if you put your supply chain in the cloud then it becomes a high-performance business.

Business application can robust the supply chain processes:

The next evolution of supply chain management is occurring in the ERP software at present market. ERP is mostly focused on robust supply chain functionality and providing a complete integrated architecture. When you selecting or implementing an application for your business needs, there are few main functions to look in order to achieve supply chain efficiency.

Supply chain applications can help companies achieve a competitive advantage by empowering their operations from start to end. Organizations can improve cost-efficiency and productivity, and give a big boost from their bottom line.

We at Vensi, Inc. provide customized business applications which can provide own supply chain network your small or medium size business, better visibility,  collaborates your business functions and reduces costs. If you are looking for small or medium size business application within your own network, we are happy to provide a customized solution which improves customer experiences.

5 Mobile Phone Security Mistakes People Make

5 Mobile Phone Security Mistakes People Make

With all the latest news about phone security, we are going to talk about 5 common and easy to fix mistakes many people make when it comes to phone safety. Many people may think these are common sense reasons, but they need to be stated nonetheless.

Leaving your phone unlocked
Some people do not have a lock on your phone, what happens if someone takes your phone? They just hit the jackpot with all your information and you have no way to defend against it. The obvious fix here is to add a lock right away.

Many phones these days even have finger print locks, so unlocking your phone should be no hassle at all. If your phone does not have a finger print option, you should still add a lock to your phone ASAP.

Losing your phone/someone steals your phone
This is obvious and a continuation of the previous tip. 2.1 million cell phones were reported stolen in 2014 so this is worth talking about. There is so much information on our phones nowadays that if we were to lose them, we are putting so much at risk.

If your phone is taken from you or you lose it, make sure you have an app like Find my iPhone installed so you can disable your phone remotely. For Android, you can turn on a setting which lets you remotely locate your device and another setting that allows you to lock/erase your phone if you choose. Many people do not know of apps like these.

Failure to Update Apps
Apps have updates often for a reason. Sometimes people, fail to or ignore updating their phones for long periods of time. These updates are not only features updates, but security updates. Many hackers thrive on the fact people do not update their apps or phones and take advantage of bugs in them to steal your data. Another easy fix.

Using Free WiFi Without Considering Outcomes
Everyone loves free WiFi in public, but sometimes it may not be the best idea to use. Now, these should be safe in restaurants or airports, but other locations you should be more careful about. People are prone to and often track people’s information in free WiFi locations.

Clicking Random Links
Another obvious one, but needs stating. If you receive a text from an unknown number, do not click on the link. This is a form of Phishing to gather your personal information. Sometimes, hackers may even be able to control your phone with this type of malware.

These are all very obvious, yet necessary steps to take to ensure your phone is safe. If you follow these steps, your phone should be safe from most attacks.

How IoT Transforms Commercial Buildings

Buildings have stayed more or less with the same technology for a very long time now. There have been improvements in design, but the technology in buildings has stayed pretty much the same. However, with the help of IoT, this is changing fast.  The Internet of Things allows users to control almost every aspect of a building if the correct solution is chosen. This ranges from lights to HVAC.

IoT in Commercial buildings

There are probably many skeptics out there saying that all of this is probably unnecessary. While we are obviously able to change the temperature and lights ourselves, an IoT can really help save time. In addition, not only will IoT save you time, but it will save you money. IoT solutions have been proven to save users money. This is due to the build in data analysis features included in many IoT solutions.

These solutions allow users to track all of their devices and the solution sends out recommendations on how to be more efficient. For example, if the lights in a building are on when no one is in the building, the solution may notify the user of this and prompt them to turn off the lights. This is only one energy saving example, there are countless others.

Another aspect of buildings that IoT can significantly change is HVAC. With IoT, you are able to take precautionary measures that were not possible before unless you are monitoring your device 24/7. An IoT solution is able to monitor your HVAC system constantly and if it senses something will go wrong, it will send you an alert.

Security is always a concern when it comes to a building. The security alerts of a building work similar to that of HVAC. If the solution senses something is wrong, it will send the user a notification. A connected security system where the user is also part of the process is very important. Many security systems have an alarm and the police are called. Later, the user is called about the incident. However, with IoT, the alert is sent to the user the second something happens.

IoT solutions are not very expensive either when compared to other protocols like BACnet and LON. According to  Raj Hiremath, director of marketing at ClimateMaster Inc, “In the past, HVAC systems have been integrated together within the building using protocols like BACnet and LON. They have been expensive to install and maintain and, generally, have not provided convenience of access and control to the system over the Internet,” he also said. “IoT, when implemented correctly, allows lower first-cost networking of the units and monitor-control-diagnose units over the Internet, a convenience, now cost-effectively available today. It also potentially allows for remote commissioning, further reducing first cost.”

One way to keep track of all of your devices is by using an online dashboards like the ones that Vensi, Inc. creates. With a dashboard, you are able to analyze your devices to make the best cost and energy saving decisions.

As you can see, IoT can make a big difference when it comes to managing a building. Not only is it cost effective, but can also save you time and energy. There seems to be no reason not to adopt an IoT solution. It may take some time to completely get use to the idea, but when you do, you will regret waiting for so long.

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