Our Map Overlay App Gets You There Faster

When we envision mobile applications, efficiency is usually a top consideration. We want to help people process and organize all of the information that comes at them throughout the day without pause. With this in mind, Vensi has created the map overlay application. This app provides a visual display that shows where all of your day’s stops fall on the map. It even updates the status of the jobs to eliminate redundancy.

One of the best parts of rolling out a new feature is taking it for a spin. Imagine your delivery driver opening up his phone and seeing, at a glance, the different locations he needs to go, along with his tasks at each stop. The map overlay has automatic routing set up through Google Maps, so the driver always knows the nearest location and most direct route. This gives the driver a full view of the day ahead, so he can better manage his time around traffic and stops that take longer than expected. Better visibility helps people prepare for what’s ahead.

The map overlay app with automatic routing does more than help people find their way. By seeing every leg on a delivery route at once, you can make a more accurate estimate on how long the route will take; delivery and installation-based businesses can give their customers a more precise time arrival window. These benefits extend to managers’ desks as well. For instance, seeing real time job status updates, particularly when there are multiple cars or trucks on the road, positions the office to respond to last minute customer requests effectively.

While many of the advantages to the map overlay and automatic routing are apparent the moment you put them into use, other benefits are more subtle. The best apps in the world are useless without power, and  most people don’t appreciate a charged battery until it’s gone. For this reason, we built this application with push instead of pull functionality. Many apps still use pull notifications, which drain the battery because the phone has to check in with a server every few minutes. With the push functionality, your battery stays charged longer because updates are literally pushed to the phone.

Our goal in building the Map Overlap application was to create a tool that would help drivers and managers optimize routes in order to better serve customers and maximize time savings. At Vensi, we’re confident that happier customers and more productive workers result in measurable business growth.

Do More with your Scheduling App

The mobile device has become an indispensable tool for people and businesses. These small, yet powerful gismos have empowered us to more effectively run our lives and to manage increasingly mobile and global workforces to achieve better service, improved efficiency, and increased revenue. More than just a communication device, these technological wonders allow companies to spend more quality time serving their customers, more effectively tracking labor costs and growing their revenue. Mobile applications designed to manage people, resources, and products through logistics and scheduling offer solutions to businesses in a variety of industries. There are many software development firms that are capable of building mobile applications that can synchronize with the calendar you use at work, but only a few can provide tools and functionality that allow you to track your mobile work force, manage labor costs effectively, and customize the configuration of your scheduler.

It can be very challenging to get your mobile workforce to the right place at the right time, and even small delays can cost a fortune in additional labor costs andworst of all, can create unhappy customers – which means lost revenue. Combining GPS and map tools with enhanced scheduling capabilities, you can employ mobile applications that will not only track your employees to ensure they are operating within their designated territories but ensure they have the tools they need to find the client, arrive on time, and provide the needed service in the most efficient manner.

With the acquisition of Nediso, Vensi is now in a position to provide some of the most flexible and powerful service management software ever developed. The Nediso mobile applications leverage the power of Nediso software and offer companies a revolutionary approach to managing everything from work orders to schedules, to invoicing. With this application, you can manage jobs and schedules in the field, creating, updating, and cancelling appointments and managing crew schedules. The apps will also allow you to change customer appointments without phoning in to a dispatcher or scheduler so that you can provide better service. You can even integrate your scheduling and task management with your accounting functions in order to generate proposals and invoices as well as more accurately measure revenues, costs, and project budgets.

Download Nediso’s free scheduling app to discover the power of more efficient task management, and let us know what we can do to help you regain control of your mobile workforce. Customized solutions for inventory management, accounting, and other formerly time-consuming tasks can now be handled from your phone – freeing you to focus on attracting new business and achieve a better work-life balance while allowing you to manage work from anywhere.

Vensi Purchase of Nediso Creates Strategic Partnership to Help Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

Vensi, a premier mobile application development firm based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, has completed the purchase of the software firm Nediso. This strategic acquisition adds Nediso’s job scheduling, sales, accounting and dispatching platform to their stable of business efficiency and productivity solutions. With Vensi’s team of expert mobile application developers putting their experience to work with Nediso, the firm is offering a cloud based platform, with integrated mobile apps, to enable small and medium sized business (SMB) owners to manage everything seamlessly and from anywhere.  Vensi has already completed Nediso’s free business management iPhone app that allows businesses to access data to view job progress, make updates, and change schedules.

Buffalo Grove, Ill. — Vensi, Inc. is skilled at taking raw ideas from clients and transforming them into applications that improve efficiency, make collaboration easier, and reduce costs and waste. Their acquisition of Nediso creates a synergistic relationship between one of the top-rated efficiency software products and Vensi’s development team to create what will become the future of project and resource management for many businesses.

Current Nediso customers are celebrating the acquisition as they have been eager to take Nediso’s scheduling, dispatch, and accounting software to a mobile setting – Vensi’s decade of mobile development expertise will now allow them to have effective mobile solutions. Mark Jadwisiak, the CEO of Nediso, is accompanying the software to Vensi. “Nediso remains committed to continue to enhance our solutions for the small and medium business community,” explained Jadwisiak. “I am excited to have Vensi involved with Nediso’s software and application development going forward. With the addition of Vensi’s talent, we’ll be able to address the market need for mobile applications.”

Small to medium sized businesses are responsible for nearly 70% of the employment in the United States within the last 10-15 years and represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms. Through their acquisition of Nediso, Vensi is eager to develop mobility options that improve the SMB owner’s flexibility, productivity, and profitability. In the past decade, SMBs created over two-thirds of all job growth in the U.S. and will be instrumental in improving the overall economy going forward.

“The potential of Nediso’s mobile application is enormous,” explains Vensi’s CEO, Kranti Kambhampati. “As businesses look for additional ways to improve service, reduce overhead, and continue growing, this mobile app will become a powerful tool in the business owner’s arsenal.”

To learn more about Nediso’s business management software, please visit Nediso.  To learn more about efficiency and productivity application development that can make a difference in your business, visit Vensi.com.


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