Pixel Phone Made by Google and How it Stack up Against Apple

google's pixel phone

The latest Google’s Pixel phones are finally arrived by stepping into the smartphone competition to show what a new Android version looks like. The Pixel phones features software integration to premier Google’s services, including Google Assistant, Google Photos with unlimited cloud storage and Daydream -Mobile Virtual Reality.

The competition between smartphones is thinner than ever, unique features have become more common and more important than pure specifications between devices. Every major smartphone can take great photos, work faster, and run the apps smoothly so that the buying decision is becoming tougher than ever before. Today’s smartphone market is an extremely competitive market, with the major companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, and more. After a long waiting period, Google has controls over both hardware and software with the Pixel superior smartphone entry.

Google does not want to specifically compete with its own partners such as Samsung, LG and others, but their latest smartphone Pixel is much more likely to compete with Samsung rather than. An overview of new Pixel phones, they actually look like Apple’s latest iPhone 7 or a little too similar, but it could attract long-time iPhone owners who are waiting to switch to Android without sacrificing design. In the past days swapping your iPhone to Android almost meant settling for a phone made from cheap and tacky plastic but it is no longer true, now Android makers also have stepped up in the premium smartphone game.

Coming to specifications, Pixel phones are the first devices to offer Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor which is the latest and most powerful in the market, this chip can compete with Apple’s  iPhone 7 processor A10 Fusion. 4GB of RAM, which is more than in iPhone 7 that will make a difference while doing multiple tasks.

The main concern to some Android users is that the Pixel phones are lacking few features such as wireless charging, but it has rapid recharge capability, charging in just 15 minutes , users can get 7 hours of battery life. The Pixel devices are not water-resistant, and no stereo speakers like the latest iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Plus is really changing the photography game in smartphones by dipping into its dual-lens camera and optical image stabilization. On the other side, Google’s Pixel camera also looks good on paper by touted a DXOMark of 89 rating, which is the highest rating ever for a smartphone in the present market.

3.5mm jack in Pixel phone is satisfyingly not new in Pixel which is a reference to Apple’s decision to eliminate the port in their latest smartphone iPhone 7, irritated some customers.

Pixel phones are the first devices to offer the latest version of Android 7.1 Nougat, it delivers a whole host of improvements including Google Assistant integration and new shortcuts. Nougat also offers added features, like the ability to use multiple apps simultaneously in split-screen mode.

However, this time branding is explicitly Google, the name of the event says “Made by Google”. Google is presenting the Pixel as their phone, not an Android phone with stock firmware.

How Supply Chain Applications Can Transform Businesses

supply chain application

If Business have the better visibility into their connected supply chain, that opens up new ways to manage stock and customer deliveries. When the enterprises are able to transform the process of design new products, organize their routine operations and interact with their valuable customers, it is clear and easy to enable digital transformation in the supply chain by deploying new technologies. It brings fundamental changes in an enterprise to meet customer needs.

When the enterprises able to track or have better visibility on  items or goods through the supply chain, that can optimize stock levels and faster the transportation. That visibility forces management to think outside of their traditional functions.

Collaborating with technology is also very important to provide better customer experience. Some of the big companies are already started to adopt new technologies for rapid delivery of customer goods. Re-evaluating the supply chain management offers greater flexibility at speed and greater visibility.

How the Information Technology Drives the Transformation in Supply Chain:

Traditional business software not designed for global supply chain, they can’t work with global trading communities. Business networks require the massive levels of information to process automation in a supply chain. If the business information is posted centrally in the cloud from entire trading communities, it delivers on the promise of connectivity, control, visibility, and intelligence for all. So, if you put your supply chain in the cloud then it becomes a high-performance business.

Business application can robust the supply chain processes:

The next evolution of supply chain management is occurring in the ERP software at present market. ERP is mostly focused on robust supply chain functionality and providing a complete integrated architecture. When you selecting or implementing an application for your business needs, there are few main functions to look in order to achieve supply chain efficiency.

Supply chain applications can help companies achieve a competitive advantage by empowering their operations from start to end. Organizations can improve cost-efficiency and productivity, and give a big boost from their bottom line.

We at Vensi, Inc. provide customized business applications which can provide own supply chain network your small or medium size business, better visibility,  collaborates your business functions and reduces costs. If you are looking for small or medium size business application within your own network, we are happy to provide a customized solution which improves customer experiences.

The Successful Mobile App Platform that Engage Your Users

the future of mobile app platform

We spend a lot of time on apps in our day-to-day life. We organize meetings and catch-up with colleagues at work, order food online, book rides on Uber and much more. We have not even tried the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other apps that people spend most of their time to utilize our daily tasks. The new apps are having huge competition with  popular apps to attract the new customers. And the positive thing is that smartphone users have gone up to 2 billion in recent years. So, consumers are becoming more set in their ways about which apps they will use, and more apps are falling by the same way.

The future of apps is not in the App Store at all and multi-functional apps that live inside a common portal. Most smartphone users spend most of their time using only the top 10 apps, but most people are not using the same 10 apps. If you want to get more consumers to notice your app this year, you can not expect that they will ever discover it on their own, because they are happy with the apps they already have on their smartphone. When you display ads then only you can grab enough users and your app can be the top in charts list or you can go where the users already are in other apps.

For example, WeChat is a popular chatting app platform, that developers can create their own native sub-apps through the WeChat API, which can generate more revenue. As this is the best entry to users, where many users can not invest in the desktop web. Facebook Messenger also allows users to book a ride from Uber through their chat feature. In recent year Facebook has been trying to change the way users discover apps outside of the App Store, and developers likely experiment creating an entire ecosystem of sub-apps.

However, the new app platform may not be the Facebook, or WeChat, or other platforms that even not existed now and that new app platform may crack the idea of an app portal to attract more American audiences, but don’t be surprised if your new app efforts live entirely inside another app in few years.

BlueApp.io is an end-to-end IoT Platform that makes your app and your product have remote monitoring and remote controlling capabilities. It also provides competitive advantages in the IoT market with easy application development and helps to reduce time to market your app. If you or your organization is looking to add more new IoT capabilities for remote monitoring to your existing products or new products, BlueApp.io is the best IoT platform that makes your app more productive and much easier to access your IoT device data even during travel time to and from anywhere.

The New iPhone 7 is Packed with Innovations

new iphone 7

Apple finally announced the latest, advanced and most powerful iPhone ever made, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. The company touted all the new innovative features of the devices, the sleek new design, the new iPhone 7 design starts with new Glossy Black color variant, called Jet Black, it is high glass finish, iPhone 7 is also available in, gold, silver and rose gold.

The 2nd upgrade is a redesigned Home button, it is more sensitive and added Taptic Engine which provides more responsive and an incredible feel, that third party applications can take advantages of Taptic Engine API for creating new feelings and use experiences. The third is water and dust resistance, the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus come standard with IP67 protection standards, this means the new iPhone is safe even if dropped it in water.

The 4th upgrade is An entirely new camera, there are huge advancements for photography with phones, adding optical image stabilizers to help shaking-hands, larger ƒ/1.8 aperture lenses and a six‑element lens for a sharp image in low light. And with advanced new features like wide color capture for more vibrant pictures. It comes with Quad-LED True Tone flash with flicker sensor, that flickers artificial lighting to improve image quality. Apple also designed an image signal processor which performs multiple operations while taking each picture.

The iPhone 7 plus has two cameras to take quality pictures even in zoom, those are 12 MP cameras, one is a wide angle 28mm lenses the same as the iPhone 7 and the other telephoto with 56mm lens. Also added is a sneak peek feature that provides depth of field capabilities which makes a beautiful blur to the background of an image like photography in DSLR cameras.

The 5th is Retina HD display, that cinema p3 standard color management with 3D touch layer. The 6th is a built-in New stereo speaker system, it is twice as loud as the iPhone 6s and has increased dynamic range. The 7th are Earpods. This time, there is no 3.5mm jack, the new iPhone connecting earpods with lightning only. Ther 8th is AirPods, it is Wireless, Effortless, and Magical. Apple designed a new W1 chip to produce intelligent high-efficiency playback and reliable connections. Added infrared sensor to detect when each AirPod is in your ear, so they only play once you are ready to listen, motion accelerometer for more features like double-tapping to lift the call. W1 chip also enables intelligent connection to allow you to instantly switch between apple devices.

The9th is Apple Pay, that keeps all your credit cards and loyalty cards safe and secure on Apple wallet. The 10th is a new generation quad-core A10 Fusion chip, it performs faster, more efficiency and has improved graphics.  

However, there were some more aspects of the new iPhones that the company did not reveal during the event. iPhone 7 has 2GB of RAM, which is the same as the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. As we mentioned above iPhone 7 is IP67-certified but as per the device’s official product page, liquid damage is not covered by the warranty. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus also come with NFC. And new Apple iPhone has a range of new capabilities with every release but this time, the most impressive capabilities are not related to the new iPhone role as communications devices.

The Future of Technology for Programming

the future of programming

There is a rapid development in technology and a massive change in our life. It is accelerating a bit more every time we blink, a new technology has arrived. We can’t predict exactly what the next five years of development will be, and anticipating changes in technologies is nearly impossible. Here is a list of prediction the future of programming based on present technology evolution in the world. There is no guarantee that all are to come true, but these predictions offer a set of roadmaps that will help us to plan for the future of programming.

Smartphones will do more than we expect:

We use smartphones to call, send text, read email, visit websites and more, this is only the beginning. The small screens of smartphones have been revolutionizing our lifestyle for more than a decade and upcoming changes are very interesting. Smartphone manufacturers are gradually adding more and more sensors to find better solutions for day to day activities and also use in work environments.

There are hundreds of startup companies looking for an innovative way to turn the smartphone into a medical device, measurement device and/or remote monitoring device and more. The different smartphone sensors perform many tasks like a microphone sensor that can read your heartbeat, a camera can scan your important documents, accelerometers can track your morning exercise. All of these activities can be linked to your doctor who can monitor your health problems.

The next generation of smartphones will make these set of tasks look basic. The navigation apps will route reservation and send commands to your car to reach your destination. The fitness and exercise apps will become tools that track all of your body rhythms from sleep to work.

No one need to write JavaScript:

JavaScript will dominate among all programming languages. Something programmers write the code that the browser understands and that code on GitHub server can’t run without compile.

Due to changes and improved number of programming languages, some of the punctuation that bothers programmers. There are plenty of variations on CoffeeScript which is a little language that compiles into JavaScript and another superset of CoffeeScript like Coco or IcedCoffeScript. These variations are just the beginning because clever programmers have written transcoders for these languages as diverse as Java, Lisp, and C. All of them can run in your browser after being translated and optimized. So, in future writing code in JavaScript may not require, that your robot software will translate your favorite language.

Big and Better Database:

The search engines indexed the Web, but now there are databases indexing the world itself. The level of intelligence from databases will be incredible. For example, autonomous cars, they know when a cow stops traffic or a civil engineer adds another road while going to a destination, they will find out these data before everyone else.

The future generation of apps for smart cities will be able to resurface roads when they are needed. Streetlights will be replaced when and where they are required. The police will have more data than ever before about the people walking on the road. We will have databases recording each location of a pothole in the country for security.

If your company is also looking forward to change or advancements in your business applications, we at Vensi, Inc. provide unique app solutions for almost all type of business applications and that are proved to have the best results.

High Performance PHP Frameworks for Web Application Development

php for web app development

If business users want to know whether they should choose PHP as a platform for their applications. We hope that this article can help you understand the current situation and the possibilities of PHP in your web applications. PHP is one of the object-oriented programming language used in the dynamic web application development. The modern frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, Laravel or Magento and CMS are based on this language.

New PHP Version: As other languages, PHP also released new versions with more updates, security, features and increased capabilities. The recent version of PHP 7.0.9 has more tools and improved performance compared to the previous version of PHP 5.6.24. However, many people are still quite doubtful when it comes to migrating to version 7 of PHP because of the fear of bugs and the loss of stability. But, PHP 7 has proved to be the best performer and is being used in a number of new projects.

Listing The Best PHP Frameworks For Web Application Development:

Developers frequently use ready-made elements of the application while developing projects. A tool that helps in preparation of an application is a framework. The framework includes predefined classes that are making the developer’s work much easier and faster. Framework usually contains elements such as managing events, database, cache engines, logs, user authentications.

The most popular PHP frameworks are Symfony, Laravel, and Phalcon as described below:

Symfony is the oldest framework as it was released in 2005. These framework modules are the basis for many other platforms such as Laravel or Drupal. It has a large number of ready-made modules which provides additional functionalities in a web application.

Laravel is The PHP Framework for Web Artisans. It is hard to compare with Symfony and decide which is better when it comes to efficiency and possibilities both platforms are similar to each other. Laravel uses many modules of its older brother Symfony, so some elements may look familiar. A big advantage of Laravel is the web development process seems to be easier and faster.

Phalcon was created as a response to the growing demand and performance of web applications. The idea of creating this framework to be the fastest PHP framework and it is also  ideal to work on simpler platforms or services that require higher performance. The main reason for such a great performance of this tool is that it’s created as an extension of the language and certain operations are performed much faster, which can result in its increased productivity.

The present development market is constantly introducing new approaches and tools for  web development, which allow you to create web projects faster, more professional and the way that ensures safe and stable operations. PHP is becoming more and more advanced, but there are many options with the number of other technologies and methodologies when it comes to web development.

We at Vensi develop customized web applications for businesses to perform all your business activities effectively. So, if you are looking for a high-performance web application, contact us to get a free prototype which allows you to create a successful web application.

Key Challenges In Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing

Billions of mobile users depend on their mobile phones for their daily routines,  using mobile apps to browse the internet for social networking and using mobile apps for the specific purpose of tasks to complete personal tasks like paying bills on banking apps or ordering a car on Uber apps are rapidly growing. The use and rapid development of mobile apps indicate the widespread dependence we now have with our Smartphones. Mobile app testing is of major importance for mobile application before they are released into the market, this helps the user to get a better user experience and higher performance. There are multiple mobile platforms available in the present market and also along with that, different app development tools using latest technologies are addressing unique solutions for mobile app testing challenges while developing a great mobile app.

Mobile User Interfaces: Different mobile OS’s have different user interfaces, those are guided by specific rules. Non-compliance mobile apps with their rules and guidelines can delay the mobile app publishing process, as well as in turn have impacts on increasing the cost of development and testing. Mobile app testing is required to meet the industry standards for apps to be accepted globally especially in this mobility era of technology.

User Experience and App Performance: The success of mobile apps mainly depends on great user experience and performance. If there are any delays even a second, this might interrupt the user experience and  impacts on app preferences in the market. The mobile applications without errors and faults provide a better user experience and directly has an impact on the business sources of the application.

Many new users choose applications based on rating and reviews. So, errors, faults, a poor performance of an app surely get bad reviews and negative rating from existing users and undoubtedly it leads to failure of the application success in the market

Security:  Mobile phones have become extensions of our work life as well as our personal life. We use our mobile phones to check our work email, medical info, banking accounts and other sensitive data. Every user expects the app they download to be secure and safe. Securing their mobile apps from hackers and malicious users is every business and app developers responsibility.

Mobile apps are mostly managed via a private cloud because it is more secure than the public cloud. Wireless infrastructures have data sensitivity and security problems like spam, data breaches, phishing and other attacks. So, mobile apps are required to test the critical data communication between the app and cloud.

Manual or Automated testing:  Testing every bit of functionality of an app and all the app features may not be a simple task every time, but it is very important and necessary. Automated testing provides a different mechanism, that consistently repeats a test procedure to verify application results. It can be an effective tool and helpful in each stage of the application development process. Due to tremendous advancements in technology, there are many tools available for automated mobile app testing, but it requires significant initial investment and the tools may not provide effective result in each step of the development process of an app. So, using a mix of manual and automated testing is the best and gives optimum results.

If you have a great idea of an app for your business development, looking for free prototype or looking for help on right mobile app testing strategy reach out to us at Vensi, Inc. today to help you with.

The Big Differences Between Web apps and Mobile apps

Web apps vs Mobile apps

The initial stage of creating an application involves elaborate planning and after several processes need to come together to form a harmonious application. It starts with an application idea, then goes on design, development, unit testing and finally deployment of the application to the intended devices or web. However, there are two ways and options  to create and deploy your app, those are a native app or a web app. So, before going to deep in creating an app,  you have to decide, which app would be better for your requirements either a native app or a Web app.

The Big difference between Web Apps and Native Apps:

A Native App is essentially for one particular mobile device platform and it can be installed directly onto the particular devices itself. Users of native apps usually download them via app stores like the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

A Web App is basically an Internet-enabled app that can be accessible via mobile device’s Web browser or even desktop Web browser. They are no need to be downloaded onto mobile devices in order to access.

The two app development processes are distinguished from each other. Each mobile platform required the unique native app development process and each mobile platform uses a different native programming language. Web apps development uses JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and other Web application frameworks. There are many other tools and frameworks available in the market for developers to develop and deploy apps to multiple mobile platforms as well as Web browsers. However, there are many specialized app development companies out there to find a better option on app development for your business within budget. Vensi, Inc. provides a unique app solution for any business.

Some native apps and Web apps User Interface look the much same with only minor differences. Web app development is more typical to show adjustable graphical user interface between various devices, whether app viewed on a desktop, a smartphone, a tablet or other devices, it should have a coherent design that works for the every size of screens, and remains all familiar to the user on all kind of devices.

Accessibility of native apps is totally compatible with the mobile device’s hardware and also many native features, such as an accelerometer, camera, GPS and so on. But Web apps can not access these type native features. While native apps need to keep downloading updates to improve the accessibility features. A Web app updates itself without the need for user intervention because it loads from the web every time.

Native app development is more expensive compared to Web app development. But Native apps performs faster and more efficient too, and also they are assured of quality, as app users can access them only via app stores. Web apps result in a lower cost in development and higher costs of maintenance to support multiple platforms. Specifically, there is no regulatory authority to control quality standards.

So, you should consider the above aspects before going to develop a native app or a Web app for your business. If in case you have no budget limits, you may also opt both types of apps development for your business.

Why Web Apps Are Important For Businesses Today?

Web app development

Web apps have become an essential part of every business today. Businesses are now achieving their objectives much faster by developing web apps. These web apps can help to target clients and customers at a time. Web developers are developing applications in different aspects, that meet their business demands and showing new experiences for users.

Web apps are important for a number of reasons:

Publicity & Branding: It is no longer possible for businesses to see a growth in their market unless they have a web app. Most of the big businesses may be able to afford their own development teams for their business purposes or customized web solutions and small companies outsource the web app development work to specialized web development companies to have the same advantages at a minimal cost. It helps businesses reach new customers, clients and let them know about the products and the services they provide.

Web apps can play an important role in the branding process and it helps to maintain a proper communication channel between potential customers and the business partners. Distribution of product knowledge can be increased through web apps. Opportunities for selling the services or products are increased as well. At the same time, brand recognition of the organization gets increased and lead generation improves. With the help of e-commerce development, the business can reach a whole new market to increase sales, especially by using android applications.

Improved Customer support: Web apps also provide options for enhanced customer support. Good web apps can become the first line of contact between customers and the business. The beauty of such applications is that they can be accessed at any time. Event location is no longer a limitation with web apps. Specialized web app development companies can ensure such a facility in their web app development strategy.

Competitive edge: The present business world scenario has become so strong competitive, that it has become more important to have web apps devoted to the cause of the organization. The web apps can become an essential tool for reap new customers. With the help of iOS and Android development for the applications, the business can use smartphones to market their goods with a significant competitive edge.

Most business activities are all becoming virtual, it means, there are huge opportunities for web apps in every growing business, those apps helps users for many tasks to get things done with convincingly. We at Vensi provide customized web app solutions to perform all your business activities effectively. So, if you are trying to move your business activities in virtual, contact us to get a free guide which allows you to create a successful web app.

How Enterprise Apps Can Improve Productivity

Transform business with enterprise mobile app

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. We can pay bills, play games, browse and or shop, interact with friends and work, and many other things. It also has become a key part at workplace too.  Each employee spends more than 2 hours per day using their smartphones. So, why shouldn’t enterprises allow employees to use their smartphones to increase productivity? By improving the mobile strategy in businesses, enterprises can attain immediate added value in productivity and an increased level of employee satisfaction.

Here are few aspects that enterprises should take into consideration while developing an app:

Creativity with More Convenience: Most enterprises have overlooked combining creativity and practicality in their business, which is a key element in app development. An app development companies can find that perfect balance and establish it by providing customized mobile app solutions, that can enhance your employee’s productivity, convenience and efficiency.

Communication: An enterprise app must lead to faster responses in instant and more user-friendly communication. Eliminating few routine activities like sending mails to the clients for responses by implementing automation messaging. By adding remote monitoring and controlling capabilities also would allow employees to access required information from anywhere, even working away from the office. Employees are able to work from a home, the airport and make the work experience more enjoyable. Coming to marketing and sales, sales executives can look-up critical information right before going into meetings, especially managers can have better control over their staff and workflow.

Best User Experience: An app for enterprises requires a more simplified approach, that comes  from UX. Identifying the best UX and developing it, engaging with multiple activities will provide exceptional growth in an employee’s productivity. The app always should have an attractive look, but performance is also of even greater importance because a poor UX leads to an increase in frustration as well as a decrease in productivity. We’ve already talked about how “A Great App Designs Always Starts With Users Experience” in previous blog post.

Identifiable Results: If you want to measure and view all results on a smartphone, you should require a well developed app, that should have big-data analytical capabilities and performance indicators built in. These will allow enterprise apps to show how employees interact with the app, and also how much time required for particular tasks to be completed. This makes event tracking much easier and automatic reports, which saves your staff time and money.

However, adopting a mobile strategy in enterprises by using latest technologies is the easiest way to make them accessible for all your business strategies, because your employees already have smartphones in their palm, that would enable all employees to get things done on the go, or even after working hours. Moreover apps are enjoyable to use, and it is a major influencer on efficiency. Starting minor or major business processes and syncing with mobile app will allow your employees to have extra time that can be used in a more productive manner.

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