Audio and Video Streaming Services

With the rampant increase of companies of all sizes going mobile, there is an equally proportional demand to empower secure employee interaction via a combination of people, data, apps and devices, in order to deliver a seamless, integrated work experience. With an intention to revolutionize the working pattern and communication modes in offices, audio and video conferencing has gradually gained traction as a vital collaboration tool for many businesses. A common platform is therefore necessary to connect geographically scattered workforces and effective teams and support any meeting, irrespective of the size. In order to enhance productivity, reduce costs and pace up decision-making, it is important to count on audio and video conferencing, wherein an accessible medium is provided for enhanced corporate communications.

Audio/Video Streaming Services:

Vensi provides a one-stop shop of high-performance, feature rich and protected conferencing requirements. By bringing people together on to the same platform, we break all barriers such as time zones, geographic locations, etc. Our feature-rich operator-assisted features and exceptional audio quality help you experience successful high-profile meetings. We provide top-notch live audio & video streaming services 24/7 real-time streaming media to your iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Using open source technologies such as FFMPEG, OpenGL, we get your digital life together by providing immediate access to your very own collection of music, pictures, videos, etc.

Thanks to video streaming, the user can avail the unique possibility to bring remote expertise into the field instantly. Communication between companies and businesses has been totally transformed with mobile video streaming and conference services. Video streaming services can therefore assist your organization in achieving improved operations, cost reduction, resulting in enhanced overall competitive advantage.

Mobile Video Calling:

Mobile Video calling has been revolutionized like never before with apps such as Facetime, Google Hangout, etc. Being one of the foremost companies in providing mobile video communications, Vensi’s key expertise in building similar apps across diverse mobile platforms enables people to effectively connect with colleagues, friends and family

With a primary objective to add more value to your business, we provide our customers with the best video collaboration experience regardless of their location. Just imagine having face to face conversation with remote customers and colleagues from the comfort of your personal workspace By bringing high-definition mobile video calling and face-to-face conversations on to a common platform, Vensi provides complete assistance to its customers in taking mobile video conferencing wherever they go.

Sales Support:

Technology innovations have now led to the easy tracking and management of sales force. There are quite many businesses which have now turned to sales apps in order to automate sales activities, processes and other administrative roles. By using appropriate tools, information related to sales force processes can be selected in order to assist an agent in managing customer contacts, storing vital interactions and in viewing pipeline projects.

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