AngularJS: The Platform to Create Amazing Web Apps

AngularJSThere are millions of websites and web apps, but the time it takes to create them can be countless. AngularJS makes it easier to create single page web applications. “AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps.”

Developed by Misko Hevery at Brat Tech LLC in 2009, originally sought to create a software behind that would have been priced by the megabyte. This was to create a easy-to-make applications for the enterprise. He launched the website and only had a few subscribers before he and his partner abandoned their business and decided to release AngularJS as a open source library.

However, many updates were created mainly by Google, it aims to simplify both the development and testing of web apps. This is done by creating a client side model view controller (MVC). A MVC is a way to implement user interfaces on computers. It separates internal representations of information from the ways the information is presented to the user. It also uses model-view-viewmodel or MVVM. MVVM separates development of graphical user interfaces from the development of back end logic.

In simple terms, according to the AngularJS site, “AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.” It lets users create an engaging website/web application, without the struggles of HTML.

AngularJS is suited for most application development projects and is fully extensible. It works well with other libraries too. This is because every feature can be replaced or modified to fit your project’s workflow.

AngularJS is used on websites such as Walgreens, NBC, Sprint, ABC News, and Wolfram Alpha. In addition, 8400 more sites out of 1 million tested in July of 2015 were also using AngularJS. This was according to Libscore, a Java analytics service.

In addition to AngularJS, there is Angular Material and Angular Design. Angular Material is  “the reference implementation of Google’s Material Design Specification.” So what exactly is Material Design? It is a specification of motion, visual, and interaction design that adapts across different devices. This means that you do not have to create different applications for different platforms or screen sizes.

Angular Designs Goals:

  • Provide structure of building applications. This includes the UI, code, and testing
  • Decouple the client side of an application from the server. Development of work is progress is parallel
  • Decouple Document Object Model manipulation from the application logic.AngularJS has revolutionized the way we create web apps. We no longer need to create different apps for different screen sizes or operating systems. Everything can be created at once with AngularJS. If you would like to learn more about AngularJS or would like to watch some videos on it, go to their website here.

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