Android tablets will take a bite out of the Apple pie

It looks like Apple’s iPad is finally getting some serious competition,  In fact there is a real frenzy of tablet manufacturers and application developers in the marketplace as all the key players jockey for position and market share.  The most notable and important contenders being the Android tablets. Every major device manufacturer is getting in on the action – Motorola, LG, Samsung, Dell, ViewSonic, Panasonic, Toshiba…It seems like there are product announcements every day, often several in a day. Sony, for example, knows they may be late to the early adopter market, but they are securing a spot in the line-up with their recent public confirmation of plans to use Google’s tablet-specific Honeycomb OS. Companies like Hewlett-Packard are close behind, and high-quality, competitively priced tablet options will be mainstream by the end of the year. At Vensi, we keep our finger on the pulse of all industry trends, and the Droid tablet market is no exception. We thoroughly research and evaluate each of these tablets, and while some tablets are definitely better than others, we see some consistent and significant trends in hardware that indicate Android tablets could soon overtake the iPad in market share.

In a market created and currently dominated by the iPad, many consumers jumped on the Apple bandwagon.  No doubt iPad is a solid product and it has set the bar pretty high with software that still leads the industry in quality, security and user experience. However, many consumers, especially those people buying a tablet for business applications, should consider the array of Android tablets.  For instance, many Droid tablets offer (or promise to offer) higher camera and display resolutions, faster processor speeds, USB ports, and of course a more open operating system. All of these features would enhance the work experience and increase professional productivity, thereby fitting the needs of a business consumer better.  Even the US military seems to think Android is a better fit for their needs.

When comparing the plethora of tablet options now and in the near future, it will be important for consumers to think about the features they want and need. The iPad has set the standard, but competitors are looking to take bites from the Apple pie with features that differentiate them from the iPad and from one another. One important vulnerability iPad has not overcome: The iPad has been criticized for not supporting Flash, so if the “full web experience” is important to a user, a Droid tablet that supports Flash should be a consideration. Another possibly critical feature would be battery life. For some, the iPad standard of ten hours is enough, for those who travel frequently though, removable and spare batteries will be key selling points for the Android tablets.

Android and iPad tablets are a quantum leap in our computing experience, and here at Vensi we are creating innovative, world-class mobile applications that will fully utilize the available features of any platform, including tablets. While it is not clear which operating system will ultimately dominate the marketplace, we will certainly be providing top tier  applications for either platform.  May the best OS win!

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