Android Jelly Bean

The all new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has sure stirred up a hullabaloo ever since its introduction to the gizmo-world. A sure hit with all the gizmo freaks out there, the ease with which the App Widgets can be automatically resized to fit the home screen is a pretty exiting feature. Although it doesn’t differ much from its former Ice Cream Sandwich version except for a little of feature-tweaking here and there, the point to be noted is that majority of the modifications have been made on the back-end, beneath the surface. That said, Project Butter is one of the major tweaked-around features which Google has introduced in an effort to offer a smoother experience to Android. As much the description fits in perfectly, there is complete truth in the fact that Jelly Bean is “buttery smooth”, in the sense that it ensures smooth operation at most times. However, one has to confess the instant difference that is felt while handling an Android phone running Jelly Bean in terms of how the operating system responds in a brisk and flexible manner to your input

Besides a new Camera app, Google Now is a new voice recognition system which provides offline support for voice dictation. Jelly Bean’s voice capabilities proved to be much superior when compared to Apple’s Siri, as it pulled up answers much quicker with high degree of accuracy, a combination to die for. Managing the “Up” navigation was never this easier, wherein the intended Up navigation for specific Activity components of your UI are defined by adding a new XML attribute in the app’s manifest file. It actually makes task navigation a whole lot easier, particularly with the automatic creation of the Up affordance navigation in the action bar.

Perhaps a little more about Google now would do justice to Jelly Bean’s noteworthy features. The best part about it is the fact that it offers relevant information on the basis of your time and current location. The app pops up to your screen in an instant by either byswiping up on the lock screen or swiping up from the screen bottom from anywhere in Android, following which the apppopulates itself with relevant “cards” of recent Google searches, Google Calendar appointments, local weather, etc. Its context-sensitive feature is totally adorable as it acts as a constant reminder and follows-up your current schedule down to the tiniest of details.

You can very well save yourself the embarrassment with the Command-line code in this 4.1 version, wherein a separate guest profile may be created which includes its own lock screen security, home screen layout and limited settings. Notification made a zillion times swankier when compared to the previous versions, thanks to Jelly Bean’s feature rich API.

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