A Merger Made in the Cloud

The last several years have witnessed two remarkable revolutions: the broad adoption of cloud-based computing by businesses and the explosive growth of mobile technology, smartphones and their accompanying applications. It’s only natural that mobile and cloud would someday find each other. Well, they have. And at that intersection is a host of exciting new capabilities for businesses, their employees, and consumers.

We talked to you about cloud computing just a few months ago. In its simplest form, cloud computing offers your business a way to host data and applications over a shared resource.. Rather than running a full IT shop in your physical location, you simply plug into a service — akin to a utility — like Google Apps for Business, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a matter of fact, our very own Nediso runs on AWS.

We’re keeping abreast of how the platforms continue to merge so that we can provide effective and secure solutions to our clients. At Vensi, we are marrying cloud and mobile technology in useful and creative ways. For example, we’re currently building or planning to build mobile solutions that leverage  cloud technology in the education, logistics, service, entertainment, retail, and food industries. With the massive adoption of smartphones, and now tablets, it’s become a mobile world… Even the mobile app world is moving at break-neck speeds thanks to the new capabilities of cloud computing.

Once upon a time, employees could count mostly on synching their mobile devices with the company’s email, calendar, and contacts. But with the collision of mobile and cloud computing, your end users can take advantage of all the applications you run from the cloud — your sales, timekeeping, accounting, HR, CRM and any of your custom-built business applications.

It’s the ultimate BYOD (bring your own device), and it’s responsive to the growing desire of the workforce to be able to fully function in a location-independent manner on the devices where users keep the rest of their “lives.”

Mobile cloud is essentially the next chapter in the cloud computing and mobile revolutions. Value will come from many fronts. Besides making apps and data accessible on any device, we believe the mobile–cloud union will soon intersect with near-field communications (NFC). This allows your business to conduct commerce with buyers passing their smartphone near an RFID receptor, which coincidentally can be another smartphone. And the whole transaction can be managed by your e-commerce solution — hosted in the cloud. You’re officially untethered from your server room, endless upgrades and costly maintenance.

According to Juniper Research, the mobile cloud market is poised for explosive growth, more than 88 percent each year between now and 2014. It estimates that by then, the total cloud-based mobile application market will be grossing $9.5 billion, up substantially from its respectable $400 million in 2009.

ABI Research adds that by 2014, there will be close to 1 billion mobile cloud users, noting that mobile cloud computing stands to become the leading mobile application development and deployment strategy. In other words, traditional native download-and-install mobile applications — could soon be on the verge of extinction. Vensi has stayed ahead of curve by identifying these trends early and developing business and consumer apps/solutions that sit in the cloud and make use of NFC.  Our mission is torovide leadership and assist businesses make the transition and to fully realize the potential these seismic changes represent.

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