Big Data Trends in 2016

Due to all the new technologies we as a society are creating, there has been a huge soar in data being kept online. This may be in cloud format or other ways, but overall, the amount of data is rising. This is where big data comes into play. With all this data, we need a way to keep track of this data and be able to look back at it quickly. We have written about big data in the past if you want to take a look at that information here.

Big Data Trends

Big data is essential for many companies business plans these days. The way we store and analyze data is going to make a huge difference in this tech filled world we now live in.

Big data is changing and here are some big data trends we will see this year:

Companies Will Choose Solutions That Stay Constant
Organizations will no longer choose big data solutions that are constantly changes. They will chose a secure options. This is because nowadays, a company’s ability to use data will make or break the company. If a big data solution is constantly changing causing users to learn a new system often, it is a waste of valuable time.

A New Approach: It use to be that the best way to keep track of data was to keep it separate from the business process. This is now changing to become a new converged approach. Now, companies and developers are making solutions that integrate business practices with big data solutions making it one system rather than two. Converging the two makes it easier to process data and saves time.

More Storage: We are seeing advances in memory, especially in terms of Flash. With these improvements, the cost goes down and big data flash solutions will also be seen more often. Eventually we will start to see more flash big data solutions which combine fast solutions with a large amount of data.

Distributed Data: For the longest time, big data was build around centralized data which reduced data duplication along with simplified management. However, distributed data will be used more to address multiple devices. Distributed data is used to store information on more than one node, often in a replicated fashion.This is especially the case due to the increase in IoT devices.

Big data is becoming more and more popular as the years go on. We are producing more data online than we have ever before and big data solutions are the way to keep track of all of this data so it doesn’t go to waste.

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