5 Mobile Phone Security Mistakes People Make

5 Mobile Phone Security Mistakes People Make

With all the latest news about phone security, we are going to talk about 5 common and easy to fix mistakes many people make when it comes to phone safety. Many people may think these are common sense reasons, but they need to be stated nonetheless.

Leaving your phone unlocked
Some people do not have a lock on your phone, what happens if someone takes your phone? They just hit the jackpot with all your information and you have no way to defend against it. The obvious fix here is to add a lock right away.

Many phones these days even have finger print locks, so unlocking your phone should be no hassle at all. If your phone does not have a finger print option, you should still add a lock to your phone ASAP.

Losing your phone/someone steals your phone
This is obvious and a continuation of the previous tip. 2.1 million cell phones were reported stolen in 2014 so this is worth talking about. There is so much information on our phones nowadays that if we were to lose them, we are putting so much at risk.

If your phone is taken from you or you lose it, make sure you have an app like Find my iPhone installed so you can disable your phone remotely. For Android, you can turn on a setting which lets you remotely locate your device and another setting that allows you to lock/erase your phone if you choose. Many people do not know of apps like these.

Failure to Update Apps
Apps have updates often for a reason. Sometimes people, fail to or ignore updating their phones for long periods of time. These updates are not only features updates, but security updates. Many hackers thrive on the fact people do not update their apps or phones and take advantage of bugs in them to steal your data. Another easy fix.

Using Free WiFi Without Considering Outcomes
Everyone loves free WiFi in public, but sometimes it may not be the best idea to use. Now, these should be safe in restaurants or airports, but other locations you should be more careful about. People are prone to and often track people’s information in free WiFi locations.

Clicking Random Links
Another obvious one, but needs stating. If you receive a text from an unknown number, do not click on the link. This is a form of Phishing to gather your personal information. Sometimes, hackers may even be able to control your phone with this type of malware.

These are all very obvious, yet necessary steps to take to ensure your phone is safe. If you follow these steps, your phone should be safe from most attacks.